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Beach Favors
These Beach Personalized Favors are sure to draw heart-warming waves on your beach wedding, pool party, island escapade, tropical-themed party, and other special occasions. From the beach barware favors that will help to keep the fun and the party drinks flowing to the perfect beach party glassware for your resort and party's cocktails and summer drinks, to the beach candle favors that guests will love to bring home as relaxing gifts, to the personalized beach wedding favors for containing your fabulous gifts and surprises, and so much more, you have all the need for the beach, the pool, or the island here on GlassCoasterStore.com!

What Makes the Beach Special for Your Wedding and Parties?

The relaxing ambiance, sparkling turquoise waters, and peaceful landscape altogether make the beach the perfect place for all types of social gathering, especially for weddings, bridal shower, birthdays, and other special occasions, and with its great expanse for fun, relaxation, and refreshments under the sun, making your wedding and party an affair to remember and a quick getaway for everyone surely is an easy feat.

For your favors, giveaways, or souvenirs, give your guests only the best, and that's these fine-quality and display-worthy personalized glass beach favors and ceramic beach-themed favors. They are the most elegant beach favors today and are so practical, they will serve your guests in five (5) ways: As a Thank You gift, beach essential, special occasion souvenir, as mementos of the place, especially for guests who are coming from afar, and as a great addition to their home or lifestyle. Plus, with their beach-perfect custom design, you can slip them, too, as beach ornaments of your beach-themed or beach party venue.

Travel Light with Fragile Beach Favors

Prompted by the need to travel light with fragile beach favors and safely transport them to your destination wedding or party?

Great news! You will never have to worry about traveling with these glass, ceramic, or porcelain personalized beach favors – including the heaviest and most versatile of their kind, i.e., personalized ceramic mugs, which weighs just 13 oz. or approximately 0.81 lbs. (368.5 grams) each – as they will come to you as travel-ready inside a durable box. Plus, with the wide coverage of our shipping destinations, you can also choose to have your personalized beach favor orders shipped directly to your beach venue.

Thus, whether you are throwing a summer beach party or a romantic sunset wedding by the beach, there is definitely no need for you to compromise the elegance, practicality, and lasting quality of your dream glass, ceramic, or porcelain beach favors, beach party supplies, and beach ornaments as our personalized beach favors and beach-themed favors are here to let you host a sparkling and stylish beach party, you can even sway your guests with them to love a beach wedding, too, or host the next beach party.

Three (3) Ways to Wrap Fragile Beach Favors

These three (3) ways to wrap fragile beach favors are bound to make it possible for you to travel confidently with glass, ceramic, or porcelain beach favors in your luggage:

Wrap fragile beach favors in Chinese takeout boxes. These conical boxes with a wire handle for easy carrying are widely used in Asia for food and you can take advantage of their easy-to-fold design when it comes to wrapping favors at the last minute or upon arriving at your beach venue, or the tilted feature of their sides, which, by allowing considerable space between each box inside the luggage, you can prepare your beach favors at home without the worry of damaging their decorated box while traveling.

Wrap beach wedding favors with fabric-lined favor boxes. If you love the elegance of boxed beach favors, then beach essentials, like beach scarf, which ladies can wear while lounging at the beach, or kerchief, which both ladies and gents can use as head cover, can serve as your box lining and second beach favor. Fold them thick enough to cushion each favor box and beach favor, and then finish your beach souvenirs with a ribbon and Thank You gift tag. You would surely enjoy seeing your guests sporting them while having fun under the sun after your wedding.

Wrap beach favors with organza bags. If you would rather not disturb the neat and travel-ready arrangement of your personalized beach favors, then organza bags and satin bags are your best bet for your beach favor gift wraps. These shimmery and silken bags are so light, pretty, and easy to use as gift wrap, your guests can even use them as a pouch for their travel essentials.

Wedding Symbols for Love from the Beach

The beach not only prides of a romantic landscape at every corner, it also holds treasures that have been prized as a symbol for love, like the dolphin, seahorse, starfish, seashell, love boat, and many more. Checkout our great variety of beach favors and see how your chosen design stand as wedding symbols for love from the beach or make for the perfect logo of your personalized beach favors, beach party supplies, and personalized beach ornaments.