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Rose Favors

Elegant, thoughtful, and sweet. These are the feelings that these Personalized Rose Favors will convey as wedding and party favors and as gifts for your friends and loved ones. From sending your Thank You and Hello to making a special someone's occasion more colorful with dazzling tableware that is custom printed with your rose artwork and wishing the one who is in love with a lifetime that is filled with love and happiness, these personalized rose favors are perfect and will surely be cherished for the years to come.

Personalized Silk Flower Petals (Set of 100)

Personalized Silk Flower Petals (Set of 100)

Price : $36.80
Sale Price : $30.00

Having a meaningful gift or party favor will surely touch the hearts of your families and friends. When you choose a favor, you are actually showing and sharing your sentiment and picking the right one will surely mark your occasion. These Rose personalized favors will bring life and romantic ambiance to your occasions. With their beautiful rose design, your guests will love to bring them home.

Rose as a flower come in many different colors and each color has its own meaning:

  • Red rose means love, beauty, romance, courage and passion
  • White Rose represents purity, innocence, youthfulness and humility
  • Pink Rose symbolizes grace, sympathy, sweetness and admiration
  • Orange Rose means desire and enthusiasm
  • Yellow Rose represents friendship, delight and happy feelings
  • Peach Rose means appreciation and sincerity

  • So which rose color are you going for? Lucky recipients of these rose personalized favors will surely love the idea as to why you prefer such color for the custom print of their rose favors.