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Baby Shower Favors
Baby Shower Favors that exude a youthful charm make for an unforgettable baby shower, diaper shower, or stork party, especially when they feature a custom design that shows the party hosts' love and bliss for the mom-to-be and her new baby. Make these personalized baby shower favors your own or mix-and-match them with other styles of personalized favors.

Tips for Your Baby Shower Favors and Souvenirs

Baby shower favors are considered as a special memento and giving them as parting gift or souvenir for guests has also become a modern-day tradition. So if you are on the lookout for baby shower favors, let these five (5) tips for your baby shower favors and souvenirs guide you in shopping for the perfect baby shower favors or unique baby shower Thank You gift for guests:

Punctuate your baby shower with favors and souvenirs that can do double-duty.

Practical baby shower favors are not just the trend, but the cream of the crop in today's baby shower favors because of their versatility and usefulness as a special memento and party-smart designs that make them a great addition to the party details or a reception decoration. With their popularity and immense variety, however, it seems like a daunting task to select the practical but non-traditional or unique baby shower favors.

To counter, you can start by streamlining your choices of baby shower favors to those that reflect the hobby or the favorite place of the mom-to-be celebrant that baby would surely soon learn to love, you can also take hints from the theme, motif, or venue of the baby shower, or the cutest baby toys in season, or make DIY baby shower favors. Remember to make the mom-to-be the star of the baby shower, so any practical baby shower favor that speaks of her would surely be a charm.

Opt for personalized gift sets for your everyday-item baby shower souvenirs.

Give your personalized baby shower souvenirs an awesome twist by wrapping them as gift sets, i.e., as a matching pair of custom glass mug and clear glass coasters. Guests are sure to love the idea of receiving multiple gifts, such can possibly inspire them, too, to make your gift an inseparable personalized baby shower souvenir.

Wrap baby shower favors in party-perfect ways.

Your baby shower favors will never be ready for your special occasion until they are beautifully wrapped. Too often, cheap but cheerful-looking gift wraps can go a long way, i.e., a tiny bow formed out of a 1/4-inch satin or silk ribbon, for instance, will effortlessly work right for small, non-fragile favors and containers, like mini baby bottle favors, candy favors and homemade jams inside personalized glass jars, and candle favors in tin cans; baked goodies, like fancy cake pops and cookies, can look neat and palatable inside plastic gift wraps or envelopes, while fragile favors are sure to look elegant and will be safely-protected inside an organza bag, Chinese takeout box, acetate box, cardboard box, or paper gift bag.

Create a beautiful tableau for your baby shower favors.

Make your baby shower favors look more enticing by exploring the many exciting possibilities of dressing up the party tables that will hold your baby shower favors. Other than the usual white linen, choose a baby-themed tablecloth or baby's blanket for the table cover and then setup your baby shower favors on a tiered cake stand or as a table centerpiece. For your garden-themed baby shower, you can try covering the baby shower favor table with a bunch of white baby's breath, which is the flower symbol for innocence, or make it look adventurous for the upcoming baby boy with a pirate-themed or safari-themed table setting.

And, if mom and dad are of two (2) different races, you can offer the feeling of a mixed race-baby by creating a tableau for your baby shower gifts for guests that consists of miniature images of the fascinating places in mom and dad's native countries that baby would surely want to visit one day.

Enjoy a stress-free celebration by shopping your baby shower favors with us.

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Make these tips your baby shower planning guide and don't forget to pull a set of baby shower favors that are sure to please the mom-to-be, even the new grandma, dad, and the excited party guests not just for a day, but also for the years to come.