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Bridal Shower Favors
Bridal Shower Favors and bachelorette party favors that are both stylish and practical can easily become every lady's everyday essentials and they are all gathered here to seal your bride-to-be sister or best friend's bridal shower with a classy and an unforgettable remembrance.

Bridal Shower Ideas and the Must-Have Bridal Shower Favors

Planning for a bridal shower? Then opt for a themed-party, which is not just the on-trend bachelorette party style and the easiest to coordinate, it also makes for an enjoyable and intimate celebration. Here are our favorite bridal shower ideas and the bridal shower favors to go with them:

Tea Party Bridal Shower

You can go simple with a vintage-themed or effortlessly classy with a Victorian-style, a tea party for your bridal shower is a great way to welcome the wedding season of the bride-to-be's spring or summer wedding. Warm her and the guests with perfectly-brewed cups of tea and seal the celebration with our delicately-beautiful personalized mini teapots. You will never find anything like these teapot favors around, and they are definitely not just for decorating as they can also hold a freshly-brewed cup of tea, your darling guests are sure to love them at a glance and treasure them for a lifetime.

Bridal Shower Over Slumber Party

Remember how sleepless nights were when you and the bride-to-be were young? A slumber party-themed bridal shower would definitely be an unexpected way to reminisce those old good days spent chatting the night along and watching movies till dawn, and it does not require a lot of fuss as a simple place is all you need to host that unforgettable bridal shower.

With grown-up ladies now taking this turn, you surely won't go wrong serving the girls delicious coffee drinks, hot chocolate, or beer on personalized Hawthorne-style glass mugs that will help to keep them warm and awake throughout the night and bring back the memories, as well, of late-night coffee hang-outs. And to complete the sweet affair, surprise the bride and the guests with personalized glass coasters bridal shower favors that match their personalized mugs, plus shimmery organza bags that they can use as fancy gift wraps.

Spa-Themed Bridal Shower

Help the bride double the fun of pampering herself for the wedding day by hosting her bridal shower on a spa or a spa-themed bridal shower. With the girls all looking forward to look their best on the big day, you surely won't go wrong picking up a colorful box of nail color, personalized lip balms, mini bottles of scented lotion, or perfume for the bridal shower favors and which the girls can use on the wedding and serving a bachelorette party treat that consists of classy vegetarian dishes and a rich concoction of strawberry desserts that are individually stylized on personalized Chinese spoons or personalized shot glasses.

Travel-themed Bridal Shower Party

Steal a quick getaway that will allow the bride-to-be to remember forever what could be her last sweet escape to the beach or countryside with the girls as a bachelorette. If a drive to the closest beach isn't classy enough, then a cruise travel would sound like a great adventure. Either way, be sure to prepare ice-cold fresh fruit cocktails bottled in personalized mason jars, a sparkling set of personalized glasses that will give your destination party an unconventional and elegant twist, and photo coaster bridal shower favors to save the memories of your quick and special holiday.

What Makes the Perfect Bridal Shower Favors?

Bridal shower favors that are unique, practical, can serve as a lasting physical reminder of the special occasion, can be enjoyed or used everyday by the guests, and sealed with a Thank You gift tag with their name all make for the perfect bridal shower favors. With these features altogether, you can be sure that each time your guest looks at or uses your gift, they can remember the intimacy and festive emotions of your event.