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Bridal Shower Personalized Coasters
These Bridal Shower Personalized Coasters are purposeful and easy to use as bridal shower party favors! Not to forget, they are one-of-a-kind and oh-so chic having been made from the best available cork, paper, slate, and other types of drink coasters, which are perfected with the beautiful and lasting print of your bridal shower design. With just a few touches, like a bow and your Thank You gift tag, these personalized bridal shower coasters can luxuriate the look your party venue, too, as takeaway table decorations. As Thank You gifts with a purpose, lucky guests can just place these on their desk, dresser, or bedside table and these will serve them as a chic protector for the latter from the bumps, heat, and moisture rings of their drink ware, like coffee mug and wine glass.

The Sophisticated and Multi-Tasking Favors for your Party!

You'll be surprised how your girls and guests will love these bridal shower personalized coasters so much. That is because these are easy to use and purposeful – they can just lay these on their table, desk, or dresser – and these will elegantly protect the latter from the bumps, heat, and moisture rings of their drink ware, like coffee mugs, wine glasses, and juice glasses. Sophisticated, thus, they are reflective of your or the bride's taste, these bridal shower personalized coasters pride being made from the best available glass, cork, paper, stone, and other high-quality drink coasters, too. Thus, their great looks and durability, which are planned to last for as long as the memories of your milestone party, which they back-up to cherish.

Looking for unique bridal shower favors, which can multi-task? These personalized bridal shower coaster party favors can do just that! One idea is for you to arrange them on each guest’s places on the tables so that they can serve both as conversation-starting welcome gifts and as takeaway table decorations. Just hanging each guest's place card onto the bow, which holds their favor tag, they can spruce-up your tables, too, as themed place card holders. Extras of these bridal shower personalized coasters can verily go as prizes for the bridal shower games or as personalized mini candle trays for your oh-so chic candlelit table setting. You will never want to forget how these should go, too, with a design that renders them irresistible as personalized favors for the groom's stag party.

So, as you truly make it a day to not forget, treat your fabulous bridesmaids, family, and best friends, as well, to the bridal shower favors that they love and cannot resist to use whether at home or in the office, and that's these personalized bridal shower coasters. Have your finished artwork or logo printed in the custom color that you like. Or, choose from our wide range of bridal shower design themes, which are all FREE for you to use and personalize in your choice of color and with up to three (3) lines of message, custom text, or numbers. Shop now! And, be sure to browse our site for more exciting treats that you will surely like to bring to your party, like bridal shower personalized party glassware, custom printed favor bags, and personalized party lanterns!