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Imprinted 8 oz Mason Jars

Go for these Imprinted 8 oz. Mason Jars or Personalized Mason Jelly Jars when you've got jams, jellies, mini chocolates, mason jar ice creams, homemade sauces, marinade gifts, fresh fruit drinks, 6 oz. scented candles, and other delicious treats and little gifts to share! Freezer-safe because of their slightly tapered sides, these personalized mason jelly jars are also made of clear glass that is planned for the canning and hot-fill of fruit preserves. Sans the shoulders, they are so easy to fill and enjoy as food jars, mason jar drinking glasses, storage jars, and candle jars. Commercial-quality, they are truly meant to retain the richness of your sweet surprise!

Imprinted 8oz Mason Jars, Personalized Mini Mason Jars

Have more fun wrapping, displaying, and giving your gifts-in-a-jar to your friends and loved ones with these imprinted 8oz mason jars, personalized mini mason jars, and custom-printed jelly jars. The characteristic cylinder shape, wide rim, and straight sides of these imprinted mason jars and personalized mason jars have been relied upon for years by many people worldwide for canning jellies, jams, and other food preserves as they provide for the easy filling and scooping of the latter. Being made of a strong, heat-resistant glass that does not react with the components of their contents, these imprinted mason jars and personalized mini mason jars are also good at keeping their contents pure, plus they are versatile as mini storage jars for spices, condiments, tea bags, and more.

For your wedding and special occasions, these imprinted 8oz mason jars and personalized mini mason jars are perfect as glass favor jars for hot fill edible favors, like jams and jellies; sweet treats, like wedding candies, little bonbons, mints, and mini chocolates; and, small snacks like banana chips, mixed nuts, and parfaits. They are also a party-perfect alternative to everyone's well-loved juice glass as they are just about the same size, as handy, and cylinder-shaped as the latter. And, with the added convenience of their spill-proof lid coupled with the waterproof imprint of your custom design, these imprinted mason jars and personalized mini mason jars are both smart and dependable for keeping your outdoor party's sangria and mason jar cocktails both fresh and chilled.

You can also turn to these imprinted 8oz mason jars and personalized mini mason jars as mason jar candle holders for your votive, tea light, small pillar, and scented jar candles. In fact, they are not only planned to safely flaunt the beautiful flicker of candlelight with their concave base and heat-resistant glass material, their resealable lid also helps them to preserve the aroma of your scented jar candles and stylize your indoor and outdoor space with the rustic charm of mason jar candle holders.

Have fun customizing these imprinted mason jars, personalized mini mason jars, and custom jelly jars for your home, wedding, business, and gift-giving needs by choosing a design that perfectly suits your event, decorating theme, or sense of style from our large selection of design templates and to color the latter and your custom text in a shade that complements your motif or that will make the foodie, drink, or gift that they contain even more captivating and mouth-watering.