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How to Make Cork Coasters?

Our furniture deserves to be protected against any beverage ring or mark. Even if you are on a budget, you can still make ways to protect them. Cork coasters are perfect way to preserve your beloved furniture due to its durability and ability to absorb moist that can ruin your table top. Best part of it is that it can be reused as often as you want and decorate them the way you like it.

Here Is How You Can Make Cork Coasters:

  • Try to buy a cork board that is not thicker than 1/4 inch since the thicker the cork board is the difficult it can be cut or trim down using a knife.1
  • Time to roll out your cork board on the table. The cork that came in a roll may try to roll back again so try to press it under a book.1
  • Start to measure out in circles or squares or any shape that you want to have. Cork board can be cut into any shape that you want due to its flexibility.2
  • Cut out carefully as many cork coasters as you like.
  • After cutting the cork board, you may now paint, print or design on your cut out coasters and have them covered in fabric or any material that can protect your design.

Cork coasters are one of the many cork products that are very useful and functional. With its usefulness, you will surely love these cork coasters to be part of your home.


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