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Blank Kraft Paper Bags

Product Information

Item #:HLZD-01

Price: $0.35

Product Size: Available in various sizes

Product Material: 120 GSM Brown Kraft Paper

Processing Time: 60-75 business days (Normal Air Shipment)

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Price: US $0.35


These Kraft Paper Bags are a must when maximum strength and protection from breakage or high humidity conditions are the prime need for your gift or merchandise. Use these to hold delicate and fragile items, like clothing; shoes; toys; bags; takeaway meals; fresh produce, like fruits, grains, and coffee beans; bakery items, like breads and pastries; printed materials, like books and magazines; pet food; drinks and food items in glass bottles or Mason jars; personal care items; cosmetics; hardware items; and, electrical tools or gadgets, to name a few.

These Kraft paper bags are also a reusable and biodegradable choice for paper shopping bags and gift bags as they are made of premium bond paper-thick Kraft paper. They also feature a spacious interior, a stiff bottom that ensures adequate support for the weight of their contents and to keep the latter in place, and top handles that are glued to the sides with super-strong Henkel adhesive tape for extra strength, easy carrying, and easy grabbing. Keep these Kraft paper bags plain to retain their minimalist appeal. Stamp or print them with your logo or finished artwork for a branded look. Or, paint them with your own design for gifts and party favors. You will also love how these Kraft paper bags can withstand even weighty loads and repeated use. Features:

  • These Blank Kraft Paper Bags are sold individually
  • Please choose from 4 Kraft paper bag sizes
    • #2: Kraft Retail or Gift Bags (Medium) - Each measures 210 mm long x 110 mm wide x 270 mm height
    • #8: Kraft Shopping Bags (Large) - Each measures 254 mm long x 127 mm wide x 330 mm height
    • #14: Kraft Merchandise or Gift Bags (X-Large) - Each measures 330 mm long x 178 mm wide x 420 mm height
    • #16: Natural Kraft Shopping Bags - Each measures 355 mm long x 250 mm wide x 395 mm height
  • Made of 120 GSM brown Kraft paper. Strong, top handles are patched with Henkel adhesive
  • Custom logo printing is available upon request. For a price quotation, please message us with:
    • Your logo or finished artwork;
    • Kraft paper bag size; and,
    • Number of Kraft paper bags to buy.

These Brown Kraft Paper Bags are imported from China
Normal Ocean Shipment: 50 - 60 Business Days
Express or Air Shipment is available upon request

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