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Blank 8 oz. Kraft Paper Soup Bowl

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Item #:SB01

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Product Size: Holds 8 oz. (or 250 mL)

Product Material: Made of 320 GSM +18PE-coated Kraft paper

Processing Time: 60-75 Business Days (Normal Air Shipment)

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  • Blank 8 oz. Kraft Paper Soup Bowl
  • Blank 8 oz. Kraft Paper Soup Bowl
  • Blank 8 oz. Kraft Paper Soup Bowl
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This 8 oz. Kraft Paper Soup Bowl wants you to make having soup, porridge, cereals, chowder, salad, hot rice meal, a lusciously hot seafood, meat, or veggie dish, noodles, or tasty snacks, like crunchy popcorn, fresh fruits, and ice cream, a whole lot easier – even while you are on the go! At 8 oz., these Kraft soup bowls are the perfect size for mini servings of a hot or cold favorite. In particular, they can contain approximately the same satisfying fill that you can get from large-sized instant cup noodles. You can even pour hot milk or water and prepare your breakfast oatmeal, cereals, or instant noodles in these Kraft paper bowls because they are thick, heat-resistant, and leakproof. You can also use these as Kraft paper bowls for individual servings of rice meals or viands; as condiment holder, such as for dips and spreads; and, as disposable paper bowls for your home, party, restaurant, or catering service. Indeed, the uses of these 8 oz. Kraft paper bowls are endless! And, although they are disposable for hygienic purposes and for your needs of takeaway-ready hot paper bowls, they are environment-friendly and biodegradable. They will also give you and your diners each time no less than a satisfying fill of a favorite soup, hot meal, dish, or dessert. Features:

  • These Blank 8 oz. Kraft Paper Soup Bowls are sold individually
  • Each Kraft paper soup bowl holds 8 oz. (or 250 mL)
  • Measures 96 mm length x 75 mm wide x 60 mm height
  • Made of food-grade 320 GSM +18PE-coated Kraft paper
  • Thick. Not easy to deform. Not hot to hold. Disposable. Biodegradable
  • Leak-proofed with double coating inter-layer. Heat-resistant up to 200° F
  • Cup bottom has thread design and tight indentation. 72 hours without leakage
  • For restaurant, hotel, pastry shop, fast food, coffee shop, dessert house, home, and office
  • Buy only what you need from a minimum order of 1,000 pieces
  • Custom logo printing is available upon request. Please message us with your logo or finished artwork and number of 8 oz. Kraft paper soup bowls to buy for a price quotation.
  • Optional Lid for Paper Soup Bowls

  • Flat, 96 mm Clear PP Lids are sold and packaged separately (Additional $0.16 each)
  • Each plastic lid for paper bowls measures 96 mm diameter. Made of polypropylene
  • Non-microwave-safe. Transparent so it displays the contents. With steam hole on the middle

SOS Kraft Paper Bags are imported from China
Normal Ocean Shipment: 60-75 Business Days
Express or Air Shipment is available upon request

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