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Personalized Wood Fans

Let these Personalized Sandalwood Fans and Personalized Sandalwood Hand Fans perfect your wedding, special occasions, and gift-giving needs with the sweet and woody fragrance of sandalwood, the mesmerizing beauty of their ribs' intricately carved patterns, and earthen hue, which perfectly looks at home on your elegant affair. Have these personalized sandalwood fans printed with your name, short message, logo, or special date to make them extra-special as sandalwood fans favors, gifts, and Asian souvenirs.

Personalized Sandalwood Fans, Wood Fans

Realize your dream of giving guests an enchanting surprise on your beach or garden wedding, special occasions under the sunshiny summer weather, or colorful evening affair through these custom printed sandalwood fans. Created with fragrant wooden ribs that feature carved-through patterns, these personalized sandalwood fans will not only keep your guests both cool and cozy, they also make for stylish and handy summer accessories given their smart design, tender breeze, and the lingering fragrance of sandalwood.

Made from 100% natural wood, especially sandalwood, that is carved, polished, and then secured together with a nylon string and metal rivet, these sandalwood fans let you experience the natural texture, shade, and smell of sandalwood or the wood material that is used to make them. You can actually consider each personalized sandalwood fan as a treasure-worthy piece as they are excellent at keeping their eye-catching beauty and utility for years, in addition to the fact that their base material, that's sandalwood, is highly valued in Asia and the Pacific today as a natural resource.

Whether you gather them inside a bucket or basket for guests to pick as cooling implements or hand fan favors, wrap in a hand fan sleeve or gift box to send out as gifts or souvenirs, or lay on top of the party chairs or dinner tables with a floral accent or a place card as welcome gifts or place card holders, these personalized sandalwood fans and custom printed sandalwood fans can beautify your wedding and party venue in no time, they also make decorating in tropical, Asian, or rustic-style a breeze.

Choose the way you want your personalized sandalwood hand fans to be customized, i.e., with a front print, which features your custom design on the front of the hand fan's leaf, or with a side print, which gives your personalized sandalwood fans a sort of subtle customization with your personal message, special date, or text printed or engraved on the guard sides, and let us do the rest in making your wedding hand fans, hand fan favors, custom printed sandalwood fans, and personalized sandalwood hand fans both unique and treasure-worthy. Shop your personalized sandalwood fans bulk or wholesale and enjoy discounts with your order.