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What Is A Monogram?

A monogram is a theme or design that is made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes in order to form one symbol.1 Monograms are usually composed of initials of an individual or a company combined used as recognizable logos or symbols.1

A lot of people know the theory of monograms since it has been used traditionally in signing documents and in works of art. 2 The idea of monogram is very primeval. A monogram is originally a one letter code and eventually the multiple letters became common.2 A set of letters or initials must be clearly interwoven in order to be considered a monogram.2 A stylistic device which combined the letters to form a single symbol would be a monogram.

In the olden times, a lot of people used monograms. Several royal families have their own monograms which served as their official symbol for publications as well as for their personal objects.2 The monogram became the legal signature of the royal families historically.2 There are also many artists who develop their own monograms which serve as their marks for identifying their work of art. Monograms became very useful for artists since it can help in determining whether or not a work of art is original. 2 It can also be used to identify personal properties or communications.

During the late 1970ís, I.D. bracelets and sunglasses which were popular at this period frequently have been monogrammed.3 Some athletes have their monograms on their shoes and uniforms. Others have their luggage monogrammed.3

The monogram took the form of seal rings or ornate stamps later on and nowadays, monograms are used to mark an item in the form of individualís initials to show ownership.3 In the early 1980ís, monograms were common on sweaters, handbags, wallets, glassware, linens and many more.3 It became a status symbol to have one's monogram on such items.

Great thing about monogram is that you can make your own design easily the way you want it. There are some computer programs which can definitely help you make the fonts and text to derive at your desired output.2

Numerous businessmen have monograms on their briefcases, pens or pencils and some men have their monograms on the cuffs of their shirt sleeves. 3 Jewelries, cufflinks, class pins and class rings can be monogrammed too.3

Monograms do not only serve to confirm identity, but they also give people the opportunity to individualize their possessions.3 A monogram is usually a personal declaration and gives appeal to those who like to add a personal touch to their belongings.

Having your favors or gifts monogrammed with your initials or company's logo only show your thoughtfulness to your guests or clients. It will be a great way of sending your heartfelt gratitude to everyone. It will also add a personal touch on the favor or gift. Whether giving a baby his or her first bath towel, glassware to a newlywed couple or a new backpack for kids, you can show your loved ones how special they are by monogramming these items.4 Monograms can be in various styles, from formal to fanciful, and can be placed to any surface of an item such as fabric, glass and metal.4 You can have your items monogrammed on your own way or simply hire a professional for a fantastic output.

Monogram can simply turn your simple gifts into an elegant and sophisticated one. See the difference it can bring to your gifts.


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