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What Is Cork?

Cork is a type of material that is obtained from the Cork Oak tree and most of the world's cork used originated in Southern Portugal.1

It is usually used for wine bottle stoppers and can also be used in bulletin boards, floor and wall tiling, drink coasters and many more. There is an increase of cork demand worldwide and it is because of the increasing wine production and consumption.1 However, the process of cork production takes time since cork trees are harvested about every 9 to 10 years or once per decade but synthetic cork has been developed to meet the growing demands in the market.1

Advantages of Cork Coasters

Cork coaster brings a lot of advantages aside from protecting our lovely furniture from any beverage ring or mark.

Here are some benefits using the cork coasters:

  • Cork coasters possess a non-slip feature which means it will not slide on the top of the table that can cause the spill of your beverage.2
  • Cork is a type of a material that is very absorbent which can better protect your furniture or table top from any drink marks.2
  • Cork drink coasters can be personalized thru laser engraved to make a unique gift or token or even promotional items.

They are durable drink coasters and gives good protection against any moisture on your furniture and unlike the paper material coaster, they donít wrinkle which means it can be reused.3

It can be a great part of your house decoration since it can be painted or designed in any way you want it.


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