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2 Pairs Chopsticks and Chopstick Rest Gift Set

Product Information

Item #:2CCRGS

Price: $6.50

Product Size: Chopsticks measure 22.5 cm long

Product Material: Wood, Bamboo, and/or Ceramic

Processing Time: 21-35 business days (excludes transit time)

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  • 2 Pairs Chopsticks and Chopstick Rest Gift Set
  • 2 Pairs Chopsticks and Chopstick Rest Gift Set
  • 2 Pairs Chopsticks and Chopstick Rest Gift Set
  • 2 Pairs Chopsticks and Chopstick Rest Gift Set
  • 2 Pairs Chopsticks and Chopstick Rest Gift Set
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Price: US $6.50

Chopsticks and Rest: 

Gift Box Color: 

Share these two (2) pairs of Chopsticks and Chopstick Rests Gift Set to your loved ones and guests for gifts of good fortune, good health, eternal happiness, and prosperity that they will surely hold dear to their hearts. The beautiful red or black gift box of this auspicious gift is thoughtfully filled with two (2) of our beloved picks, that's two (2) of our favorite pairs of chopsticks and a pair of chopstick rests to match. Perfect for gifting in a snap, as Chinese gift or Japanese gift for couples, as promotional gifts, and as chopstick wedding or party favors with an extra pair of chopsticks and chopstick rest for each guest or gift recipient to love, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the chopsticks that you can find only here on GlassCoasterStore.com. You can also personalize each gift box with your names and special date, logo, or finished artwork (Additional charge applies) to signature-style this chopstick gift set for your brand and for your wedding and special occasions. Features:

  • Each Chopsticks Gift Set includes:
    • Two (2) pairs of Japanese-style chopsticks;
    • Two (2) pairs of chopstick rests; and,
    • One (1) high-quality gift box with inner tray
  • Chopsticks measure 22.5 cm (Approx. 8.9") long
  • Made of wood or bamboo. Handwash only to clean
  • Chopstick rests are made of wood, bamboo, or ceramic. Size varies per design
  • Gift box measures 25.5 cm long x 8.5 cm wide x 2 cm height. Strong quality
  • Made of hard paper. Choose from 2 colors of gift box, that's Red or Black
  • Gift boxes are sold blank or without any logo or design
  • Buy only what you need from a minimum order of 200 sets
  • Personalized gift boxes with black, gold, or silver stamp are also available (Additional charge applies).
    For a price quote, please message us your customization details, as follows, before placing your order:
    • Your logo or finished artwork;
    • Stamp color (Black, Gold, or Silver)
    • The placement of your design; and,
    • Number of chopstick sets to buy.

These Chopsticks with Chopstick Rest Gift Sets are imported from China
Processing Time: 21-35 Business Days (Excludes Shipping Time)

These chopsticks with chopstick rest gift sets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Order cancellation is not available once your order is confirmed.

Our chopsticks with chopstick rest gift sets are packaged as carefully as possible. Although we can provide a refund for items, which have been damaged during shipping, we are unable to replace any chopstick, chopstick rest, or gift box, which has been broken or damaged while in-transit. Please make sure to order additional sets to cover extra guests or to provide for the probability of breakage or damage.

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