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Battery LED Lights for lanterns
Battery Lights help to keep paper lanterns aglow when electricity is not readily available. They are a portable lighting system so you can install them rightaway to a paper lantern and turn the latter instantly into a party light, decorative light, or ambient light. Due to their versatility, you can even fit them inside paper lanterns that are hung within a cluster or use them to light paper lanterns that will line the wedding aisle. Plus, with multiple features to choose from – steady or flashing lights; low, medium, or ultra-bright glowing light; and pocket-sized, even sporty and ornate candle-inspired designs – our selection of battery lights will surely give you more ways to enjoy your paper lanterns and brighten up every special occasion with the perfect kind of light.

Types of Battery Lights for Paper Lanterns

Battery-operated lights with cord. This type of paper lantern battery light can serve both as a lantern cord and lantern light. They are equipped with one or more battery-operated light bulb and usually comes handy, you can even use them for other portable lighting needs. With our range of paper lanterns, you can easily hang them by securing their attached cord wire to the metal wire expander's C-hook. Battery-operated lights with cord usually have a switch close to the light bulb so you can easily reach for it when turning your lanternís lights on.

LED throwies. Consisting of LED lights with prongs that are taped onto a Lithium battery and magnet, LED throwies shed dot-like glows of light and you can hang them from a tiny cord inside a paper lantern to set aglow.

LED battery-operated candles. Be inspired by the olden times in ancient China when paper lanterns were illumined by candle lights. Battery-operated candles may mimic the form of a tea light candle or a candle stick and may shed a beautiful flicker or a steady kind of light. To hang these lanterns, you can tie them to a wire and secure them to the paper lantern's metal wire expander.

Battery String Lights. If you love the idea of hanging your paper lanterns from string lights with the convenience of a battery-operated light, battery string lights are your best bet. To use, simply hang each paper lantern onto each string lightís socket and decorate. Battery string lights are also flexible for ordinary and special occasions, you can simply decorate them as they are on your Christmas tree, on the pillars, or suspend them like curtain lights.

Battery Party Lights. You can use battery party lights with or without paper lanterns as they already consist of party-perfect lights on a single length of light string. What's more, they are battery-operated so you can virtually light them on your wedding marquee, garden, and locations of your party venue, which are not easily accessible to electricity.

Where to Buy Battery Lights for Paper Lanterns?

Battery lights for paper lanterns are available in a wide range here on GlassCoasterStore.com. We offer you battery-operated mini lights, battery candles, and battery-operated LED lights with cord and each is designed to answer your decorating and lighting needs without the worry about having to connect them to an electrical cord for lighting.

For destination weddings and parties, preparing battery-operated lights can make for the most convenient and hassle-free way of creating lighting displays with no fire risk or when electrical connection, similarly, is not easily available. You can also use these battery lights for paper lanterns for public displays or to light up the dark areas of your house at the most affordable cost. Try one of these battery lights for paper lanterns now and see the big difference that they can bring to your interior space,

Special thanks to Nina P. from Ft Lauderdale, FL for the lovely lifestyle pictures.
Picture shown is using our red paper lanterns and ultra bright 12 bulb LED battery lights