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Paper Lantern Favors

Let these Paper Lantern Favors and Personalized Paper Lanterns bring an outstanding dimension to your wedding and special occasion's decorating theme. Hung in strands as paper lantern string lights, suspended as paper lantern lights and colorful accents, or gathered in a festive bunch as ceiling centerpiece, these paper lanterns and personalized paper lanterns can only promise you their effortless ability to color, brighten up, and raise the festive ambiance of your wedding, parties, and indoor or outdoor spaces.

Paper Lantern Favors, Custom Imprinted Paper Lanterns

Go for the enchanting guise and gathering of these Asian paper lanterns, paper lantern favors, and custom imprinted paper lanterns for your wedding and special occasions. These genuine handicrafts from Asia have thin metal wires or bamboo ribs for their frame and covered with Asian rice paper, eyelet paper, or glossy nylon sheet. They are a highly popular choice for wedding and party lantern lights, party string lights, Asian accents, and a fast-becoming trend, as paper lantern favors and promotional Chinese lanterns.

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Here is finally your most convenient place to buy paper lanterns, paper lantern favors, and custom imprinted paper lanterns. We hold just a handpicked selection of paper lanterns but which are regarded as frequent and trusted choices by brides, party hosts, wedding decorators, event stylists, and party planners across the country to make your search so much easier. From the Asian classic paper lanterns with even ribbing to the modern criss-cross paper lanterns and other Asian lanterns, you can trust that whichever style you choose is backed by the choice of the vast party lantern user's market, consisting both the individual and business shoppers like you.

Amass our wide selection of paper lanterns and paper lantern favors, which come in classic to party-ready styles ranging from the traditional shapes, like sphere, square, and star, to the fun and quirky shaped zigzag and wave-like paper lanterns, as well as in small to extra-large sizes, e.g., in 4 to 60 inch sizes, and in types that are ready to be hung with or without light kits or set as battery-operated lanterns. Explore the fun of cheering guests with paper lantern favors, too, or trimming your business place with custom imprinted paper lanterns that feature your business' brand, product, services, Have a Great Day greeting, and more for their design.

Shop your wedding and party lanterns, paper lantern favors, and custom imprinted paper lanterns here on GlassCoasterStore.com and enjoy deep discounts, low minimum, unbeatable cheap wholesale prices with your bulk or wholesale purchases, and quick delivery. There is also our Paper Lanterns FAQ for quick answers to your questions about how to shop and use paper lanterns, and more. Didn't find what you are looking for? Don't hesitate to call us at 610.438.0632 or email us at Info@GlassCoasterStore.com.

Happy shopping!

Quick Guide to Paper Lantern Shopping

There are various factors to consider when shopping paper lanterns and the top three (3) factors to note are the following: (1) the Purpose, e.g., whether they will be used as non-lighted decorations or paper lantern lights; (2) the Location as to whether your paper lanterns will be hung on an indoor or outdoor space; and, (3) the Paper Lantern Size that suits the latter and your decorating theme.

Hanging paper lanterns without lights is fairly a simple process. Whether you plan to hang each paper lantern from a string, gather them in a bunch, or arrange them like string lights or vertical lantern poles, the basic practice is to assemble each paper lantern and then tie a string, ribbon, or chain, which can hold its weight, onto its metal wire expander. Also be sure to pick up the paper lantern type that suits the location to where your lanterns will be hung: Rice Paper Lanterns and Eyelet Paper Lanterns are appropriate for indoor and dry outdoor use, while the waterproof and weather-resistant nylon lanterns are ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces.

When hanging paper lanterns with lights, among the most popular and quick options that you can use for lighting are Paper Lantern Light Kits, which may come as single-socket to triple-socket light kits; Battery Lantern Lights and LED Throwies, which make wireless lantern lighting possible; and, Lantern String Lights, which make hanging many pieces of paper lanterns more quick. In addition to choosing the paper lantern type that suits your location for hanging, use light kits that are suited for such indoor or outdoor location and to equip each lantern with a low-heating light bulb that will hang steadily at the center of the lantern for safety purposes.

Lastly, if you are still looking for ideas as to what size of paper lanterns to buy and how many paper lanterns to hang, the answers basically lie in knowing the height, length, and width of the space where you will have to put your paper lanterns. Usually, small paper lanterns, which measure up to 12 inches wide, are considered for small spaces with a ceiling height of up to 8 feet. Medium-sized paper lanterns, which measure 14 to 24 inches diameter, are typically favored for hanging on 8 to 12-foot heights while large paper lanterns, which have a diameter or width of 26 inches and above, are regarded proportionate for indoor spaces with 15-foot tall ceilings or when hung from a height of 15 feet and above.

But of course, the above measurements are just estimates and you can surely use an over-sized lantern for your decorating theme. Also be sure to avoid accidents by hanging paper lanterns not less than an inch above the height of the tallest guest or tallest member of the family, whose head might be knocked by your hanging paper lantern lights or decor. Enjoy your great shopping experience here on GlassCoasterStore.com or view more tips about hanging paper lanterns on our FAQ for paper lanterns.