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2-Sided Custom Coins

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  • 2-Sided Custom Coins
  • 2-Sided Custom Coins
  • 2-Sided Custom Coins
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Price: US $3.60

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These Custom Coins look like real coins. But, they are not just any coins as they are specially created for you and in your own design to leave as gifts – especially, to hand in the palm of a family, friend, comrade, or colleague as challenge coins, as a symbol of your bond, as award or reward for hard work and excellence, as a souvenir of your meeting, or as welcome gift for the members of your group or team. Wrap each of this custom coin in an acrylic box, velvet box, leather box, or wooden box (Additional charge applies) and they will make for super charming commemorative gifts, coin collector gifts, organization or corporate gifts, and souvenirs of your event, special occasions, and celebrations. These custom coins will also make for great addition to their art collection, as embellishment or trims for your team or group uniforms, car, clothing, and fashion accessories, like shoes, bag, and hair accessories, as coin favors, party favor coins, wedding favor coins, as custom unity or wedding coins, and many more. Lucky recipients will be so proud to receive these custom coins because of their tradition as military gifts and because they are beautiful, unique, and priceless as as gifts, awards, rewards, and souvenirs. Let us help you to create your custom coins using your choice from our wide range of high-quality materials. These personalized coins are rust- and fade-resistant. They may also have a nice weight to them. And, they are guaranteed to keep their beauty for a long time. Features:

  • Create your own Custom Coins in the design of your logo or finished artwork
  • 2-Sided, these custom coins feature your design on the Front and Back of each coin
  • Please Note: Actual price will depend upon the size, design, materials, production process, and the number of custom coins that you need. Posted price is a SAMPLE only, i.e., for a 2-color, soft enamel, 1.5" diameter x 0.12" thick zinc alloy custom coin with antique gold plating as shown in Image 1.
  • For a price quotation of your custom coin's design, please email us at Info@GlassCoasterStore.com with the following customization details before you place your order:
    • Your logo or finished artwork for the Front and Back of the custom coin (Please Note: Mold fee for the Front and Back designs will be charged separately for custom coins with different designs for the Front and Back);
    • Your custom coin's size, i.e., diameter and preferred thickness; and,
    • The number of pieces of custom coins that you need.
  • We can recommend the best size, materials, and production process based on your submitted design.
  • For the best price quotation, you may also include the following specifications for your personalized coins:
    • Shape: We can create custom coins in Circle, Rectangular, Heart shape, and even in Irregular or Custom shape
    • Size: Custom coins are typically 1" to 2.5" diameter. We can also create custom coins up to 7" diameter. If you are unsure about the size that you need, we can recommend the best size for your design.
    • Thickness: Custom coins are typically 2 mm (0.08") to 8 mm (0.30") thick. To give you an idea, circulating coins are approximately 2 mm thick, while challenge coins are approximately 3 mm thick.
    • Material: Zinc alloy is a great material for custom coins. In fact, it is our highly-recommended material for die-cast, large-sized custom coins (over 50 mm), and custom coin designs with cut-out. Zinc alloy also creates custom coins that are strong, durable, elaborate, and lightweight. We can also create custom coins that are made of Iron, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Customized. Please note that depending upon your choice of material, additional charges and minimum order quantity may apply.
    • How Many Colors is your Design? Please indicate the number of colors in your design
    • Metal Plating Color: Please choose from 17 metal plating colors for your custom coins.
    • Color Application: Please choose how you want the colors of your design to be applied, that's Non-Enameled, i.e., solid color Gold, Silver, or Bronze but with a flat or raised effect; Color-Sprayed or painted in various colors according to your specifications, but without the sheen as their enameled counterparts; Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, Glitter, Epoxy Finish, or Luminous
    • Edge Design: If applicable, please choose from 6 Edge Styles for your custom coin's design, that's Flat Weave Bevel Edge, Rope Cut Spur Cut, Gear Edge, Oblique Cut Edge, Diamond Cross Cut Edge
    • Packaging: By default, all personalized coins are packed in OPP bags. Or, you can select from the following types of packaging (Additional charge applies): PVC Pouch, Acrylic Box, Bubble Bag, Backing Card, Plastic Box, Paper Box, Velvet Box, Leather Box, or Wooden Box

    Set-up Fees and Artwork Details

  • All custom orders must be accompanied by finished artwork and text
  • Custom orders that need any graphic design change are subject to an additional $35 artwork design fee
  • Artwork must be at least 2.5" Square. Our preferred format is a vector-based: Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or .eps
  • Have More Questions?

  • Please view our Personalized Favors FAQ
  • You can also contact us by email, Info@GlassCoasterStore.Com
  • Or call us at 610.438.0632 for more information

These personalized coins are made to your order. Refunds and exchanges are not available for this item.

Our bespoke coins are packaged as carefully as possible. Although we can provide a refund for items, which have been damaged during shipping, we are unable to replace any custom coin, which has been broken or damaged while in-transit. Please make sure to order additional pieces to cover extra guests or to provide for the probability of damage.

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