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Custom Metal 3D Picture Frames

Product Information

Item #:ZHMPF-01

Price: $6.00

Product Size: Per Customer's Request

Product Material: Zinc Alloy or Per Customer's Request

Processing Time: 20 to 35 business days (excludes transit time)

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Ordering information


Price: US $6.00

Production Time: 

Logo or Design: 

These Custom Metal 3D Picture Frames featuring your logo or finished artwork for their stunning motif are the perfect way to protect and display your cherished photographs! They are made of high-quality plated metal, that is why, they are very durable, modern-style, and elegant. They look so beautiful in matte or shiny gold, silver, brass, copper, or nickel. And, they will look so right at home on your table, desk, dresser, shelves, and nightstand. To decorate, set these personalized photo frames side-by-side for a cohesive look. Make every nook and cranny of your store, hotel, or restaurant more beautiful and picture-perfect by having these custom photo picture frames for displaying your welcome note for all your guests. Make the holidays and all the milestone celebrations that you host extra-special for all your employees and business stakeholders by having these for your corporate gifts, giveaways, holiday gift for employees, and employees' appreciation gifts because they will surely want to have these for displaying a favorite memory on their desk or office. Enthuse your guests to frame their favorite memory of your travel or tourist destination by having these for them to bring home as travel souvenirs. And, let your family, friends, and guests prop their most special and meaningful photo of your wedding, anniversary, birthday, and other special occasions by having these for your wedding favors and party favors. Or, surprise them with these for your personalized gifts for their celebrations. Features:

  • Personalize these Custom Metal Picture Frames with your 3D logo or finished artwork
  • Please Note: This custom 3D metal photo frames are completely made to your specifications. That is, the 3D frame or molding is created in the design of your logo or finished artwork, in the picture frame size that you need, and in your choice of material. For this reason, we tailor the price of your order according to the specifications of the custom photo frames that you need. Also, due to the 3D nature of this product, we can only provide a price quotation after we create a three-dimensional or 3D print of your logo or finished artwork. The posted price is, therefore, NOT the actual price for your order. Please message us to request a price quotation for your order or design.
  • If you are ready to place your order, please email us at Info@GlassCoasterStore.com with your customization details:
    • A 3D file of your logo or finished artwork: Any 3D file, we can open it;
    • Material: Zinc alloy is a great material for these custom picture frames. In fact, we highly recommend it for these custom picture frames, especially those with cut-out designs. Zinc alloy also creates custom logo photo frames that are strong, durable, elaborate, and lightweight. We can also create custom photo frames that are made of Iron, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or in your choice of material. Please Note: Depending upon your choice of material, additional charges and minimum order quantity may apply.
    • Metal Plating Color: Please choose from 13 metal plating colors from our chart.
    • How Many Colors is Your Design? For logos and designs with colors, please indicate the Pantone color code for each color in your logo or finished artwork.
    • Color Application: Please choose how you want the colors of your design to be applied, that's Non-Enameled, i.e., solid color Gold, Silver, or Bronze but with a flat or raised effect; Color-Sprayed or painted according to your specifications, but without the sheen of their enameled counterparts; Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, Glittered, or Epoxy Finish.
    • Packaging: By default, all personalized photo frames are individually packed in OPP bags. Other types of packaging are also available (Additional charge applies): PVC Pouch, Acrylic box, Bubble Bag, Plastic Box, or Paper Box.
    • A sample of your custom metal frame is available upon request, for a fee, and limited to one (1) piece only
    • These custom metal 3D picture frames are imported from China

    Set-up Fees and Artwork Details

  • All custom orders must be accompanied by finished artwork and text
  • Custom orders that need any graphic design change are subject to an additional $35 artwork design fee
  • Have More Questions?

  • Please view our Personalized Favors FAQ
  • You can also contact us by email, Info@GlassCoasterStore.Com
  • Or call us at 610.438.0632 for more information

These custom 3D metal picture frames are made to your order. Refunds and exchanges are not available for this item.

Our personalized 3D metal picture frames are packaged as carefully as possible. Although we can provide a refund for items, which have been damaged during shipping, we are unable to replace any personalized 3d metal photo frame, which has been broken or damaged while in-transit. Please be sure to order additional pieces to cover extra guests or to provide for the probability of damage.

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