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Blank Kraft Paper Salad Bowl

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Product Size: Available in 500 mL and 750 mL

Product Material: 320 GSM+18 PE-coated Kraft paper

Processing Time: 60-75 Business Days (Normal Air Shipment)

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Price: US $0.31

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Put your salad in these Kraft Paper Salad Bowls to entice them to eat more greens! Clearly, this Kraft paper salad bowl looks very sleek. And, with its generous size, sturdy make, and adequately-walled sides for holding your fruit-and-vegetable mix, you will at once and will always prefer these Kraft paper salad bowls for serving salads in disposable food containers. Use these Kraft salad bowls for starter salads, fresh salads, pasta salads, and even for warm seafood and hot potato salads, the thick Kraft paper material of this Kraft paper salad bowl is also durable in case your guests and your customers all hurry to reach out or takeout your healthy treat. Users also love how the Kraft paper's shade of brown makes the colors of the fresh ingredients pop, just like how the classic favorite wooden salad bowls make fresh salads look so appetizing. And, not just for salads, these Kraft paper salad bowls are also perfect for serving and storing anything, like low-carb meals, salad dressings, sauces, dips, desserts, snacks, like popcorn, nuts, and ice cream, and food gifts, like cookies. Complete these Kraft paper salad bowls with their leakproof lid (sold and packaged separately). The raised design of the latter ensures extra room for your salad toppings. And, it is transparent for the flawless display of the beautiful colors and the goodness of your delectable creation. Features:

  • These Blank Kraft Paper Salad Bowls are sold individually
  • Please choose from 2 sizes of Kraft paper salad bowls, that's:
    • 500 mL Kraft Paper Salad Bowls: Each measures 150 mm long x 130 mm wide x 45 mm height
    • 750 mL Kraft Paper Salad Bowls: Each measures 150 mm long x 128 mm wide x 60 mm height
  • Made of recyclable, food-grade 320 GSM + 18 PE-coated Kraft paper
  • Buy only what you need from a minimum order of 900 pieces
  • Custom logo printing is available upon request. Please message us with your logo or finished artwork and number of Kraft salad bowls in your preferred size to buy for a price quotation
  • Optional Lid for Kraft Paper Salad Bowls:

  • Lids for Kraft paper salad bowls are sold and packaged separately (Additional $0.20 each)
  • Each 150 mm Pet lid measures 150 mm wide. Clip-on-style. Non-microwave-safe. Disposable
  • Made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). Recyclable at industrial composting facilities

These Blank Kraft Paper Salad Bowls are imported from China
Normal Ocean Shipment: 60-75 Business Days
Express or Air Shipment is available upon request

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