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Personalized 5.5 oz. Stemless Wine Tasting Glasses
These Personalized 5.5 oz. Stemless Wine Tasting Glasses are the perfect size for a tasting size of wine. They are made of a nicely-thick and sturdy glass that was perfected to mimic the clarity of crystal wine glasses. And, they have the perfect print of your logo or finished artwork that will make their user smile in every sip. Have these small stemless wine glasses for your wine tasting party. Or, as promotional wine glasses for your business, as stemless wine glass favors, stemless dessert wine glasses, or as mini candy cups.

Snap up these personalized 5.5oz stemless wine tasting glasses for your wedding, birthday party, anniversary, and other special occasions. Boasting an elegant egg shape and measuring just 3.2 inches tall with an inside diameter of 1.875 inches at the rim, these personalized 5.5oz stemless wine glasses are, basically, small and appear just a few inches bigger than the average shot glasses. They are ideal for serving about 1/2 of the standard serving size of wine or at least 2 ounces or up to 3 sips of party drink.

Made from high quality glass, these personalized small stemless wine glasses display the rich color of your wine through their clear glass walls. And matched with their tulip-shaped bowl, they can serve as multi-purpose tools for tasting red, white, or blush wines. Dishwasher-safe and resistant to thermal shock, these personalized small stemless wine glasses' sturdy glass material suggests that they can keep up with the busy demands of your party and business’ needs for custom small stemless wine glasses. The same features also suggest that they are easy to clean and sanitize, that they can be washed in hot water and then rinsed in the cold, dried using the normal heat-drying cycle of a dishwasher, and hygienically used for serving due to the non-porous quality of glass.

While specially made for wine tasting, these 5.5oz personalized wine tasting glasses also make for a fun alternative to mini dessert cups as stemless dessert wine glasses, such as for puddings, fruit concoctions, and other layered desserts. They are also attractive as mini candy jar favor holders and tea light candle holders and a few embellishments, like a simple bow and gift tag placed on their sides, are almost always just right to make them ready to go as stemless wine glass favors and personalized wine glass gifts.

Collect these personalized 5.5oz stemless wine glasses in designs that suit your wedding or party's theme or customize them with a single-color print of your monogram, logo, or own artwork. Wholesale pricing for these personalized small stemless wine glasses start at a very low minimum order quantity of only twelve (12) pieces and you can even avail of bigger discounts when you buy them in bulk. Bigger-sized stemless wine glasses, e.g., 9oz, 15oz, and 21oz, are also available here on GlassCoasterStore.com plus other equally exciting varieties of personalized stemmed wine glasses and other party glassware. Shop now and let these personalized stemless wine glasses create for you a table setting that is sure to impress and make for an unforgettable party experience.