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7 oz. Custom Printed Milk Favor Jars

These Custom Printed Glass Vintage Milk Bottles and Personalized Milk Favor Jars are the natural choice for your kids' party, if you are serving milk and other dairy drinks, including milk tea, ready-to-drink cold-brew coffee, and White Russian cocktail, and if your brunch, special occasion, or the packaging design of your milk for sale is all about bringing back the joy of serving milk in glass bottles, which has been long gone from the dining tables. The eye-catching square shape of these personalized glass vintage milk bottles will also bring a feel of the USA-made square Blake-Hart glass milk bottles of the olden days. And, these will surely make the day of your best pals and customers not only as milk bottles and party milk jars, but also as milk favor jars, candle jars, and vintage-style food jars.

Perfect for Your Restaurant, Dairy Farm, or Party!

Yes, the 7 oz. Perfectly Plain Medium Size Glass Vintage Milk Bottles that you love are now here on GlassCoasterStore.com! And, they come with the special chance for you to shop them personalized with the lasting print of your logo, finished artwork, or design.

Inspired by the square Blake-Hart milk bottles, which were popular in the 1920's up to the early 1930's and which were used by the California-based Blake's Dairy and Hart's Lunch restaurant, these personalized vintage glass milk bottles have a beautiful square shape, a circular finish, and a white metal lug lid, which ensures their spill-proof closure. At 4.5" height and 2" wide, they come both cute and handy, yet ready to fill you and their recipients with up to 7 oz. of a dairy drink, like fresh milk, milk shake, and milk cocktails.

Made of high-quality glass, you can completely rely on these personalized square glass milk bottles in keeping the freshness and the great taste of milk. They are reusable and dishwasher-safe, also the perfect size for one (1) cup of milk, as such, they are convenient for serving the milk at your restaurant, picnic, or party. As drinking glasses, restaurant glassware, and personalized packaging and storage jars for the various types of milk that is stocked in your kitchen or which are offered by your dairy farm, food-service business, or beverage company, they are a durable, eco-friendly, and hygienic choice as they can be sterilized for extra cleaning measures,.

Also a Must for Favors, Candle Jars, and Centerpiece

Not into milk? You can switch out the milk with ready-to-drink cold-brew coffee, water, juice, iced tea, fruit punch, sangria, coconut milk and vanilla cocktail, White Russian cocktail, or other refreshing drink! For the kids' party, for the family's weekend brunch or breakfast, and for your rustic wedding, dairy farm-themed birthday party, Milk and Cookies baby shower, winter party, and other special occasions, these personalized vintage glass milk bottles are a must as party milk jars, milk favor jars, and milk bottle centerpiece.

To use these personalized glass vintage milk bottles for the drinks, you can simply add a straw, set these as the centerpiece for your drink display, and let your guests choose the drinks to enjoy. For personalized gifts and party favors, you can dress-up these custom milk favor jars with a satin ribbon and a gift or favor tag. Or, you can fill them with gifts, like candies, milk chocolates, cocktail mix for drink favors, scented bath salts, or hand-poured milk candle gifts and party favors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these personalized glass milk bottles, so be sure to amass them for your gathering, for gifts, as party glassware, or party favors.

Buy Now! With the Perfect Print of Your Logo or Design!

Now. it is time to get creative with your personalized square glass milk bottles! Easily create your design by selecting an exclusive clip art for your occasion or design theme from our gallery to personalize in your choice of color and with up to three (3) lines of custom text, like your name, special date, or message. Or, signature-style these Perfectly Plain Medium Size Glass Vintage Milk Bottles and personalized milk bottle favor jars with the imprint of your logo or finished artwork. Shop these from a minimum order of twelve (12) pieces and enjoy wholesale and bulk discount with the more personalized glass milk bottles that you buy.

These Perfectly Plain custom printed glass vintage milk bottles are another exciting innovation from GlassCoasterStore.com – your #1 place to buy glass coasters, personalized glassware, promotional items, and restaurant supplies. So, shop now and be the one within your industry, within your city, and among your family and friends to introduce these personalized glass milk bottles!