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Blank SOS Bag 6# - Natural Kraft Paper Food Pouch

Product Information

Item #:SOS6

Price: $0.11

Product Size: SOS #6: 6" L x 3.5" W x 11" H

Product Material: 50 GSM Brown Kraft Paper

Processing Time: 60-75 business days (Normal Air Shipment)

Ordering information


Price: US $0.11

This 6# SOS Kraft Paper Bag is the natural Kraft paper food pouch that you have been looking for! Use this as bakery bread bag, lunch bag, food bag, and SOS grocery paper bag for fresh fruits and vegetables, hot and lightly greasy food, chilled or frozen meat, deli, and grocery items, this 6# SOS Kraft paper bag is 100% compostable. Plus, its roomy size ensures that you can fill this with your lunch, a serving of fruit for dessert, and chips for snacks or with up to 6 lbs. of shopping load. The Kraft paper material of this SOS Kraft paper food pouch is bond-paper-thin, that is why, it is durable, easy to handle as bakery bag for hot bread and pastries, and reliable when it comes to keeping the excess moisture of chilled or frozen meat or the light grease of meat and deli away from the other items in your shopping bag. Personalize these SOS Kraft paper bags with the custom print of your brand name or logo (Additional charge applies) for a stronger brand identity – even add this to your SOS Kraft paper bags or merchandise for sale as a means to open up another channel for strengthening the impact of your brand. Features:

  • These Blank 6# SOS Bags are sold individually
  • Each measures 15 cm long x 9 cm wide x 27 cm height
    (Approximately 6" long x 3.5" wide x 11" height)
  • Net weight per case of 2,000 pieces: 21 kg. (Approx. 0.023 lb. per piece)
  • Made of 50 GSM brown Kraft paper. Folded flat during shipping
  • Custom logo printing is available upon request.
    Please message us with your logo or finished artwork and number of 6# SOS Bags to buy for a price quotation

SOS Kraft Paper Bags are imported from China
Normal Ocean Shipment: 60-75 Business Days
Express or Air Shipment is available upon request

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