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Your perfect personalized glass coasters, custom holiday gifts, and promotional glassware await here on Glass Coaster Store! Buy personalized glass coasters and personalized coasters wholesale, plus the table accessories, personalized gifts, and personalized favors that go along with them, like personalized drinkware, custom chopsticks, engraved glass gifts, and wedding or party supplies.

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Tell the story of your brand through these personalized glass coasters and glassware gifts. And, have the party favors that will make a lasting impact to your family, friends, and clientele. Personalized glass coasters are the best for promotional items, personalized favors, and custom gifts because they are purposeful, bespoke, and easy to use. Also, a lot of them land on their recipients' desk and entertaining needs not only as drink mats, such as for coffee mugs and wine glasses, but also as paper weights and candle trays, making them the holiday promotional items and personalized holiday gifts that will quickly meld with their recipients' lifestyle.

Have food gifts, sauces, and other food gifts to share? Your customers and gift recipients will love them so much more if they are stuffed on your personalized mason jars, personalized woozy bottles, glass bottles, and personalized favor bags. The classic favorite for gifts, like the personalized candle holders, personalized chopsticks, salt and pepper shakers, lucky bamboo plants, personalized coffee mugs, personalized beer mugs, and personalized shot glasses, are also here to throw them the best surprise.

So shop away because with these personalized glass coasters, restaurant and party glassware, and custom glassware gifts, you will be the one to give them the most dazzling, irresistible, and purposeful promotional items and personalized gifts this season!

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Shop with confidence here on GlassCoasterStore.com and let us be your #1 place to shop for glass coasters, personalized wedding coasters, and, practical personalized gift sets for all occasions. Only the best shopping experience awaits you here, plus all the online shopping conveniences that you deserve to enjoy – from a large selection of high-quality products at the lowest prices; fast 3-5 days processing, free sample available, low minimum, discounts on bulk and wholesale purchases; secured, timely, and hassle-free shipping and delivery; phone ordering; and, even greater discounts on items on SALE.

Our Selection: Over 633 Styles in 10 Drink Coaster Types

Your wood, glass, ceramic, stone, lacquered, laminated, and plastic table tops and countertops need protection from drink rings and moisture drips, especially during special occasions, dinner parties, and drinking parties, where a lot of these moisture are expected to roll, particularly from your party drinks and cold desserts, which may not only leave stains, but also damage their surface.

If you love weddings, parties, social entertaining, and hosting leisurely meals or enchanting fetes as much as we do, you will surely be happy to know about GlassCoasterStore.com, which brings you the largest selection of glass coasters, personalized coasters, glass photo coasters, wedding glass coasters favors, drink coasters, frosted glass coasters, and cheap glass coasters wholesale.

With over 633 glass coaster styles for you to choose from within our roster of high-quality paper coasters, bamboo coasters, wood coasters, glass coasters, sandstone coasters, cork coasters, stone coasters, ceramic coasters, slate coasters, marble coasters, and more, we guarantee that you will find herein the perfect glass coasters that will fulfill your tabletop or countertop's special needs for protection and that will bring out your personal style or your special occasion's theme by way of their exquisite designs.

Custom, Wedding, and Corporate Designs Available

Update the creative styling of your breakfast table, coffee bar, and dinner tables with your very own monogrammed coasters or just in time for the season with season-themed coasters and make sure to dress your tables for the event with party-themed coasters.

Designing your customized drink coasters is so easy here on GlassCoasterStore.com with our over 100 design templates available that are ready for you to customize. Simply browse our Personalized Coasters section and tap the photo of the personalized glass coaster that corresponds to your occasion or the theme or season of your event and find therein the many designs, which are ready to be finished with your names, event date, event details, or Thank You note on one side of each glass coaster.

Engraved coasters are also another exciting addition to our personalized glass coasters for sale, as well as customized paper coasters and stone coasters, like marble coasters, which can be customized with your monogram, a cute clipart, or artwork.

The Perfect Drink Mats for Your Tables and Social Entertaining Needs

The perfect glass coasters, personalized coasters, and beverage coasters will not only do good for your tabletops and countertops: They can also enhance the presentation of any drink – whether such is served in a drinking glass, wine glass, mug, drink can, or bottle. Beverage coasters can accessorize your table in-between meals and drinks. They can even entertain your guests in-between social dining or while they are waiting for their beverage to be served.

When it comes to glass coasters, personalized coasters, and drink coasters, there are many types that you can choose from: If you love the convenience of disposable coasters or cheap personalized glass coasters, you can go practical with personalized paper coasters. For entertaining guests over wine, the enduring use of cork in wine bottles can give us a hint about how cork coasters will work great as wine glass coasters. If not, you can go for high-quality alternatives, like wood coasters and glass coasters.

For cold drinks that tend to sweat a lot, summer cocktails that are served under the sun, and protecting wood tables, you can rely on the excellent absorbent quality of sandstone coasters in keeping your tables both clean and dry. For outdoor dining and achieving an eco-friendly table setting, you can turn to our natural stone coasters, like marble coasters, or bamboo coasters. Don't forget that you can also pair your ceramic mugs and porcelain tea cups with ceramic coasters or porcelain drink coasters.

And, if you want to take elegant table setting seriously, then invest in our tempered glass coasters, which are great for hot and cold drinks, or personalized glass coasters, which are sure to put a very fine signature style your tables and countertop. There are painted glass coasters and fused glass drink coasters, too, which can enliven your blank tabletop and countertop, plus blank coasters and solid-colored glass coasters that can fill a crystal accent to a wide array of table setting themes and styles.

All these types of glass coasters and more are available here on GlassCoasterStore.com at budget-easy and very affordable prices. If you are already excited about how great they look here on our website, you would surely be more delighted to see them on your home and playing with your guests' eyes on your wedding and special occasions.

Create Endless Table Setting Possibilities for Your Wedding and Parties

As the perfect partnership of the right tableware is the key to a perfect table setting, we also have for you an impressive selection of personalized drinkware, like personalized mugs, tea party favors, personalized pint glasses, personalized wine glasses, stemless wine glasses, personalized flutes, stemless champagne flutes, personalized beer mugs, customized beer glasses, personalized shot glasses, and cocktail glasses to match your drink coasters.

Creating a chic personalized table setting that seamlessly goes with your wedding or party's theme, concept, or motif is also now an easy feat as you can, as well, extend your personalized details to your hors d'oeuvres, wedding table decorations, and party table's essentials by way of our deluxe selection of personalized Chinese spoons, elegantly engraved cake toppers, personalized votive holders, zen candle favors, personalized chopsticks, chopsticks rest, and personalized salt and pepper shakers.

Don't forget that we also have your perfect party paper lanterns, Chinese and Japanese lanterns, and personalized wedding lanterns to set the festive mood of your wedding and party venue; plus, the shapely and sparkling sets of glass ornaments to decorate your holiday or wedding wishing tree; personalized mason mugs and mini glass jars for your edible treats; the auspicious lucky bamboo plants, lucky bamboo pyramids, and lucky bamboo towers that will shower your home and party place with good luck and prosperity; and, personalized hand fans, wedding hand fans, and authentic Asian hand fans that will keep your guests cool on a sultry weather.

Amass our wide assortment of high-quality glass coasters, personalized coasters, and drink coasters, plus all the personalized glassware, drinkware, personalized wedding table decorations, personalized table accessories, personalized favors, personalized party supplies, and all the necessities that you need for that perfectly personalized table setting, which sends a true reflection of your happy home, your prosperous business place, or your blissful wedding and festive celebration.

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