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Blank Square Cork Coasters (Set of 4)

Product Information

Item #:4167-057

Bulk pricing ( applies automattically )



Product Size: Square: 3.92" Thickness: 0.125"

Product Material: Made of Natural Cork

Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excluding transit time)

Ordering information


Price: US $2.75

Get these blank cork coasters bulk or wholesale in value packs of four (4), at zero minimum! Specially planned as beer mats, wine cork coasters, coaster party favors, and promotional coasters, these cork coasters will delight your guests and their recipients because of their large size and superior make as not only do they approximate the thickness of our personalized glass coasters, they are also highly absorbent and perfectly-sized for small to large drinking glasses, like beer steins and small pitchers for iced and cold drinks. Eager to use these blank cork coasters for crafts? Then paint these with your own design, turn these into coaster ornaments, or cut these to your desired shapes. And, if you doubt putting your artwork on these blank cork coasters, know that our custom cork coasters are just a click away.

  • These Blank Cork Coasters are sold in sets of 4
  • Square cork coasters measure 3.92" wide x 0.125" thick
  • Made of natural cork. Each weighs 0.10 lbs.
  • Can also be used as backing for other drink coasters

Cork Coasters are made in the USA
Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excluding shipping time)

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