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Custom Coasters

These Custom Coasters, Promotional Coasters, and Logo Coasters are destined for the supreme idea of building your brand and enhancing your business' goodwill. They are also for expressing yourself, for featuring your wedding and special occasion's artistic party clip art, and for sharing a cherished photo, cool artwork, fun thought, and more to your family, friends, and loved ones! Pick the custom coasters for you from our wide range of glass coasters, paper coasters, slate coasters, cork coasters, tile coasters, fabric coasters, and more, and let our professional team here on GlassCoasterStore.com do all the custom printing or engraving for you!

Engrave or Print Your Logo in High-Definition Colors

Don't just leave your company logo, marketing or promotional design, holiday business greetings, wedding monogram, party clip art, cherished photos, like travel pictures and your baby’s photograph – whether taken by a camera phone, professional photographer, or a scanned old picture, cool artwork, and more, on digital storage or online, but make them always a pleasure to be seen and fun for reliving a joyful memory through these custom coasters, promotional coasters, and logo coasters. See your logo and artwork as an elegant engraving on top-quality clear glass coasters and slate coasters, or feature them as high-definition print on almost all of the drink coaster types here on our store – from the staple glass, stone, paper, and cork coasters to the novel fabric coasters and more.

Effectively Promote Your Business with Drink Coasters

We can proudly deduce that the popularity of drink coasters is strongly influenced by their use in businesses, like by beer pubs, as beer mats and corporate giveaways. The main reason: To protect counter-tops and table tops from the moisture rings of cold drinks, like beer. For many years, drink coasters are then created using various types of materials. Today, drink coasters are not anymore simply coasters: They are now important implements for giving your guests' cold or warm drink a neat and elegant serving style. They are there to complement the casual or formal atmosphere of your restaurant, office entertaining needs, corporate events, and special occasions. Most of all, they are a great idea for connecting with your customers, business stakeholders, employees, and many more.

Quick Buying Guide for Your Promotional Coasters

For logo coasters that will have to be used in the daily operations of your business, think about how their function and form matches your need. For your fast-paced restaurant, the disposable, lightweight, and non-fragile qualities of custom printed paper coasters might prove advantageous for fast service and hygienic purposes. For your office guests' wine and coffee, you can go for the dapper look of glass coasters, cork coasters, and stone coasters, or make guests feel comfortable with custom printed fabric coasters. For your guests' beer and cold bar drinks, you can go for the high absorbency of the disposable custom printed pulp board coasters or opt for the elegance of custom printed sandstone coasters or slate coasters, which are equally cool for fine spirits, like whiskey.

Purchasing the right custom coasters for giving out as promotional coasters, business gifts, purchase freebies, and the like, might require a slightly different perspective. It is important that they have that wow-factor to capture their recipient's attention, as well as a certain connection with their recipients' interest or lifestyle to get your message across or truly sell the brand, product, or service that they feature. To decide, you can at least consider how, when, where, and to whom to give your promotional coasters: Will they be given at a large event, thus their need to be light enough to be easy to hand and carry around, if needed, for distribution amid a big crowd? Will their promotion be targeted to a certain market group? Will they go as purchase freebies for customers who dine or buy at your store, mailed to your shareholders or along your customer's online order, slipped in a gift basket, product mix, and so on?

For every purpose and for your large roster of clientele and planned recipients' varying needs, there is our large selection of custom coasters and logo coasters here for you. These promotional coasters are perfect for daily use by your customers, employees, and stakeholders as drink mats for mugs, drink glasses, drink bottles, drink cans, and suitably-sized carafes or water jars. And, with their elegance and usefulness, they will surely be appreciated and ultimately valued as an everyday essential by their lucky recipient.

Make the Memories of Your Special Occasion Last Forever

Create truly personalized coaster wedding favors, coaster party favors, photo coasters, and personalized gifts for the family, friends, and loved ones in your guest and gift lists by having your artistic wedding monogram, party clip art, artwork, or photo custom printed or engraved on these custom coasters. Make the latter standout in our variety of drink coasters, which are sure to land a special part in your family, friends, and loved ones' life and let them to walk through the memories of your special occasion in every sip of drink.

Shop Now! FREE Sample, FREE Shipping, and More!

Complete your order for these custom printed coasters, promotional coasters, and logo coasters by sending in your logo or finished artwork to our email, Info@GlassCoasterStore.com, for ready-printing or engraving on your chosen drink coaster type. All of these custom printed coasters and custom engraved coasters are available for you to shop wholesale or bulk at a very low minimum of as low as one (1) set of twelve (12) pieces. FREE sample is also available for your order worth $150 and above, plus FREE shipping is available on select custom coaster styles. So shop now and buy as many custom logo coasters as you want. Happy Shopping!