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Frosted Glass Coasters
Adorn your tables with these Frosted Glass Coasters, which appeal as mini-sized frosted glass artworks. Slip your photo on these frosted glass photo coasters or amass these frosted glass coaster sets, which are ready to go as coaster party favors with their FREE gift box and/or favor tag. Cheers to shopping your frosted glass coasters wholesale or bulk here on GlassCoasterStore.com for with their No Minimum, your discount or savings are almost ready to loudly chime with a purchase of as few as two (2) sets!

One of the most stylish glasses is known as frosted glass. Frosted glass, also known as Opaque glass, is created through a process called sandblasting or acid etching. 1 Sandblasting is actually spraying at high temperature over the surface of the glass while acid etching is a procedure of applying acid to the surface of the glass. 2 Both of the methods produce a semi-transparent, frosted glass that is great for privacy purposes but still allows light into the place. It produces a translucent fog effect which gives a different kind of dim atmosphere. 1 Sandblasting or acid etching procedure has three purposes:

  • It makes glass surface smoother
  • It is always used to remove the impurities on the glass surface
  • It is often used to instill hardness on the glass

  • There are other processes in order to make a frosted glass and that is through bead blasting, shot blasting and glass frosting spray. 1 These procedures are used to frost an entire glass sheet. 1 Bead blasting is a process of creating a uniform matte texture by shooting small beads at the glass surface using an air pressure. 3 Shot blasting uses the same process as sand blasting machine except that it uses shot pellets instead of sand. 4 Shot pellets are heavier and larger which gives a different results compared to sandblasting. 4 Glass frosting spray is definitely the easiest, inexpensive and quickest process. Great thing about it is that it can be bought at any local hardware store. Glass frosting spray can be washed off unlike other processes which are relatively permanent.

    Frosted glass is commonly used as a decorative glass that can have various designs or prints on its surface. Great thing about it is that it can be both used for commercial and household purposes such as board rooms, conference rooms to give privacy as they can interrupt transparency. 1 They are also used in light bulbs, electric lights and tiles. 1

    You can definitely frost your glass the way you want it. You can choose your pattern or any designs and frost other areas in a pattern order.


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