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Other Drink Coasters

Enjoy these Natural Drink Coasters, which have been expertly cut or formed from earthen materials, like pulp, slate, marble, stone, and bamboo, and which are gifted with unique designs, you can literally call each piece in a set as one-of-a-kind. These natural drink coasters are made from natural materials that can withstand both wear and tear. Consider them as an investment piece or accessory for your home and tables, or pick them as drink coaster favors and gifts for everyone who loves all things both useful and eco-friendly.

Drink coasters may come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Some are made from glass, ceramics, stones, wood, bamboo, paper and any other material that you can think of. Stone coasters are made and designed to last a long period of time while others are usually disposable. Coasters are popular around the world and are often seen in bars, restaurants and homes. They are considered highly useful household item aside from protecting your tabletop from stains or unwanted beverage ring mark, it can also be an excellent home or office décor.

If you are thinking of giving your guests something that is unique and useful on your special day or important event, other drink coasters such as stone coasters might be a good favor to share with them.

Here are some stone coasters that you will be interested to buy for personal use or use it as a favor for your special occasion:

Slate Coasters

Slate is a material that forms in layers in the environment and each of each layer blends perfectly into each other thus creating beautiful lines of color. They are popular material used in making drink coasters. Slate coasters have the ability to withstand a variety of temperatures which is great for a hot cup of coffee or ice cold beverages. It will surely give a contemporary touch to your house, reception tables or even to your office. Slate coasters do not need much maintenance.

Sandstone Coasters

Made from mountain natural stone, these sandstone coasters have an inbuilt absorbent property that makes them absorb the moisture from your sweaty glass. The liquid is evaporated into the air naturally and leaves no mess nor marks on the surface of your table. Sandstone is one of the most popular stone coaster materials and is considered durable. It has resistant characteristic to scratches. Sandstone coasters have various unique designs which make them desirable coasters for décor purposes. It needs to be cleaned up quickly to avoid staining the surface of the coaster.

Marble Coasters

Marble coasters are very elegant and sophisticated. Its colors are great reminder of ancient times. Marble stone has been there ever since before history and it is soft which makes it so easy to carve or cut into your desired shapes. This type of stone coaster is hand crafted and refined. Marble coasters help maintain the temperature of your beverage. Make these impressive marble coasters a part of your home or office. The best way to wash it is to simply use a scratch free cloth and use mild warm water. There is no need to soap or any chemical cleansers since it will have an acidic chemical reaction which can cause discoloration on the marble coasters.

If you are planning a wedding or any other special event but still have not come up with a good favor or gift idea, why not consider getting your guests stone coaster favors. They are perfect favors to give them because you have a wide variety of stone coasters to choose from. These slate coasters, sandstone coasters and marble coasters are available in different designs to help your guests remember your special day or big event.

One of the biggest important things on how your event or occasion will be remembered by your friends and guests is the kind of favor you have chosen to thank them for being a part of your big day. Favor is a small token or gift that the bride and groom or host give to their guests as a sign of their heartfelt gratitude.

These beautiful stone coasters are not only a fantastic finishing touch to your reception tables design, but will also serve as a practical and useful favor that your guests can take home with them at the end of your special day. These other drink coaster types are available in a wide range of colors, designs and styles. They are all both fun and affordable to buy and collect.

Great thing about having stone coasters is that it can be used again and again. Choose drink coasters that can perfectly match your wedding or event's theme. Here at Glasscoasterstore.com, we have various types of drink coasters that can absolutely meet your favor needs. We also have other glassware such as personalized mugs, shot glasses, stemless wine glasses and other drink coasters like bamboo coasters, fused glass coasters. and paper coasters. All you need to do is to take time to browse all our wonderful products and be amazed of its quality and style.

In looking for a drink coaster look for something that does not only look good with your drinking glasses but the one that will truly protect your furniture against stains, scratches and marks. Bring elegance and beauty to your event through our drink coaster favors! Start ordering now and experience the difference it can make.