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Personalized Shot Glasses

These Personalized Shot Glasses are small but they are an indispensable staple for making the shooters, shot drinks, espresso, aperitif, appetizers, desserts, drinks for tasting, after-dinner drinks, and many more in your bar, restaurant, and entertaining needs more interesting. So unleash the connoisseur in you and get these personalized shot glasses ready for your truly chic entertaining, dinner, and party. They are best for gifts, so amass them, too, for the family, friends, and loved ones who never want to drink alone.

Made to Measure or Hold a Shot of Drink

A shot glass has been described as a small glass made to hold or measure liquor which can be drank straight from the "shot" or poured into a mixed drink. 1 It has been considered as the best known glasses in any bar. The size of shot glasses usually differs but the average shot is 1.5 ounces. 2 Normally it is made of a thick glass especially at the base area. It is meant to absorb the shock of being slammed on a table.

The Best Shot Glasses for Your Needs

Personalized shot glasses may come in different colors, sizes and materials. It will be good to know the different types of shot glasses. Here are some shot glasses types that you might find interesting to know:

  • Standard glasses which hold 1.5 ounces of liquor and has a very thick base and wall. 3 Usually used to drink a single shot of whiskey or rum.
  • "Short shot" or "Pony shot" glass which can hold about 1 ounce of liquor. It is a little bit smaller than a standard shot glass. 3
  • Fluted glasses are the same size as the standard shot glasses except they have different design. They have small ridges that run along the base of the glass and leave a crystal ring on the table where they are being set. 3
  • Molded shot glass usually has an embedded design at the base and normally comes with an embossed label. 3
  • Barrel shot glass is made from a heavier type of glass and has a unique barrel like shape. 3
  • Cylinder shot glass is a cylinder shaped like and popular for making "shooters". 3
  • Flared shot glass is 3" tall which has a flared body that measures 2". 3 It has a thin wall and quite a few interiors which are molded.
  • Tonic shot glass is shaped like a megaphone and a dwarf version of a tonic glass. 3
  • Cheater shot glass has a thicker base which fools people to believe that there is more alcohol in it than what is actually being consumed. 3
  • Edible shot glass are popular nowadays. They can come in different flavors such as candy cane, chocolate wafer and mint and many more. This is indeed a perfect way to eat and drink at the same time. 3
As Wedding Favors

Personalized shot glass as a wedding favor is an extra ordinary way of celebrating your special day with your guests. There are many beautifully and elegantly crafted ones ready for purchase, complete with photos and words to perfectly suit to any type of occasion. They can be made from ceramic, glass or even votive which can surely make everyone happy.

Personalized shot glasses will be a great and truly memorable wedding favors. Your guests will feel extra special by giving them these shot glasses as your token of appreciation and gratitude. These personalized shot glasses are not only perfect for your wedding favors but also for souvenirs and commemorative gifts.

Your guests will definitely love to take one of these unique personalized shot glasses that will serve as a great reminder of all the good memories they had on your big day. So try to choose a wedding favor that will truly be useful and fun at the same time.

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