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Rattan Coasters with Holder, 4" (Set of 6)

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Item #:WY-SS129

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Product Size: Measures 4" diameter

Product Material: Made of rattan

Processing Time: 10-15 business days (excludes transit time)

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Price: US $14.50

Enter these Rattan Coasters for that casual, warm, and cozy vibe. These rattan drink coasters look so easy on the eyes with their sunburst pattern and their pretty shade of honey brown. No wonder, you and your guests will instantly feel right at home with their presence on the table and with them as the drink mats for your coffee, milk, tea, hot chocolate, wine, whisky, and other types of beverages. Handmade from 100% rattan that is homegrown in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, you will never go wrong having these rattan drink coasters for giving your home and entertaining areas a tropical and relaxing vibe. They are also a must-have for your alfresco dining, for your beach house and resort, for your sunset and garden parties, for your restaurant that is everyone's go-to for food and relaxation after a long and stressful day, for a summertime feel in your home or office in the city, and for your home with a rustic, tropical, or Nordic flair. Just tie a wide satin ribbon around each set, these rattan drink coasters are also perfect for gifts and as the coaster wedding favors or party favors for your family, friends, and guests, who love greenery, sunshine, and the sense of comfort that only earthen elements can bring. Features:

  • Sold as a set. Your purchase for a set of Rattan Coasters includes:
    • Six (6) pieces 4" round rattan coasters
    • One (1) piece rattan coaster holder
  • Handmade from 100% natural rattan. Insulates heat. Non-absorbent
  • Wipe or handwash to clean. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture
  • Best for hot and warming drinks and for beverages that do not sweat
  • Buy only what you need from a minimum order of 50 sets

Rattan Coasters are imported from China
Processing Time: 10-15 Business Days (Excludes Shipping Time)

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