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Ceramic Monstera Leaf Coaster

Product Information

Item #:MLBML-02

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Product Size: Measures 5" long x 4" wide x 0.1" thick

Product Material: Made of Ceramic

Processing Time: 25-30 business days (excluding transit time)

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  • Ceramic Monstera Leaf Coaster
  • Ceramic Monstera Leaf Coaster
  • Ceramic Monstera Leaf Coaster
  • Ceramic Monstera Leaf Coaster
  • Ceramic Monstera Leaf Coaster
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Price: US $9.50


These Ceramic Monstera Leaf Coasters are reflective of your stylish taste and the trendiest of all drink coasters today! Display these as they are. Use these as drink mats to protect your tables from the bumps, heat, and moisture rings of a drink ware. Set these as the candle trays for your candle centerpiece. Have these as the mini trays or liners for your desserts, mini snacks, and other tasty treats. And, delight the plant-lovers, as well as your family, friends, and guests, who appreciate the finer things in life, by gifting them these ceramic monstera leaf coasters or by having these as the coaster wedding favors and party favors of your wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, and other special occasions. Fashioned after the leaves of the Monstera deliciosa or the Swiss cheese plant, these monstera leaf coasters also look so elegant in ceramic. And, clearly, they have their beautiful and intricately handcrafted leaf design to impress and bring a touch of modern elegance to every space you bring them in. Features:

  • These Ceramic Monstera Leaf Coasters are sold individually
  • Buy only what you need from a minimum order of 12 pieces
  • Each monstera leaf coaster measures 12.5 cm (5") long x 10.5 cm (4") wide x 0.1" thick
  • Made of ceramic. Handwash to clean. Non-dishwasher-safe. Non-microwave-safe
  • Each ceramic monstera leaf coaster also weighs approximately 0.30 lbs.
  • Choose from 3 colors of Monstera-shaped leaf coasters, that's Gold, Green, or Silver
  • Or, select Assorted for a mix of the different colors available (Minimum of 2 pieces per color. Please indicate your color preference in the Comments section during checkout. Or, let us choose the colors of your leaf coasters for you.)

These Monstera-Shaped Leaf Coasters are imported from China
Order Processing Time: 25-30 Business Days (Excludes Shipping Time)

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