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Custom Printed 10 oz. Milk Bottles

These Personalized Glass Milk Bottles custom printed with your logo or design will inspire them to drink milk, water, bottled coffee, sweet tea, and other refreshing drinks more and more! These will also enchant and leave a positive and lasting impression among your customers and guests as drinking glasses for your restaurant and food-service business' make-ahead cocktails and chilled dessert drinks. And, these will complete your festive gathering as dairy or milk jars, as rustic-style or vintage-themed party juice jars, and as the glass milk favor jars for the edible party favors and drink favors, like candies and drink mix. Cap these custom printed milk bottles with their white or gold lids (sold separately). Or, simply add a straw for that effortless serving style of your refreshing drinks!

Take Them to a Quick Trip Down to Memory Lane!

Be the one to give them these custom printed milk bottles for gifts and party favors. With their that was inspired by the vintage milk jars, these custom printed glass milk bottles will surely take your guests to a quick trip down to memory lane, especially of the fun and cheerful days of their childhood. Made of high-quality glass and personalized with a lasting print of your logo or party clip art, these custom printed milk bottles are certain to bring more life to your party, also create a buzz as restaurant glassware. Feel free to send these on their own. Or, fill these with beverages, like iced coffee, lemonade, or iced tea – even a hefty serving of edible favors, like candies.

More Ways to Enjoy Your Custom Glass Milk Bottles

Personalized Milk Bottles can not only bring back good memories of your special event but can be used in many different ways. Here are some tips on how to make your milk bottles more personalized and useful at the same time.

1. Giveaways/Favors – can be an effective promotional giveaway to promote your company, product or brand. It can also be a unique and classy favors for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and any other important occasion.

2. Containers – make perfect containers for your personal stuffs. It can be a toothbrush holder, hairbrush holder, pencil holder and many other things.

3. Vase – will make a great flower vase that can be a great addition to your home décor. It will surely make your dining area more attractive and colorful.

4. Paper Weight - can also be used as paper weight in your office or even at home.

5. Home Decoration - there are so many ways that you can reuse the Milk Bottles by using it as part of your home decoration. You can make it as a torch in your pathway or garden, bottle lanterns, chimes and many other more.

There are still lots of ways you can use custom printed Milk bottles and all you need to do is to use your imagination and be creative as possible.

Advantages of Glass Milk Bottles

1. Great thing about having custom printed milk bottles is that it's ability to be reused or recycled in many ways. With glass milk bottles, you are assured that it can be used over and over again.

2. In choosing a favor or giveaways it's always best to consider the durability of the material so it can lasts a lifetime and with custom printed milk bottles you are certain that these personalized glassware can last a long time plus having your name, logo or chosen design printed on it that can help your guests remember your wonderful occasion.

Treat yourself and your guests with our Custom Printed 10oz Milk Bottles and see how it can give a different touch into your occasion. These round goat milk designed glass jars can be custom printed with your chosen design such as your logo, name, theme or any other special design that you want to have.

Hurry! Avail of our special offer and enjoy these beautiful custom printed Milk Bottles in your occasion.