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Personalized Clear Candle Favors

Give them these Personalized Clear Candle Favors whether as gifts to light, to pamper, to remember your special day, or for sending your Thank You, Happy Holidays, and a lot more. Featuring your design as a high-definition print on high-quality Eastland® clear glass votive holders, these personalized clear votive holders are not like any of the other personalized candle favors that you can buy. That is because they exude an exceptional clarity, they are durable, and your artwork lasts as a custom printed motif on their front.

Simple-Style for Superior Versatility

Long have the users of clear glass votive holders raved about the durability, top-quality make, and stylish versatility of Eastland clear glass votive holders, i.e., as candle centerpiece for weddings and special occasions, as candle accents for chic indoor and outdoor spaces, as candle gifts, party favors, and as base material for candle crafts. And now, GlassCoasterStore.com invites you to try decorating and gifting this trusted name in candle lighting in a more colorful light, and that's by having your wedding logo, party design, your message for their recipients, your business logo, marketing design, or artwork printed in vibrant colors on their front.

More than personalized clear glass votive holders and personalized candle favors, these Eastland personalized clear glass candle favors tell a story about your wedding, the reason for the celebration of your special occasion, your decorating theme, your thoughts for sending them as candle gifts and favors, and many more, thus their unique and always enchanting candle lighting experience.

Crafted as 2" diameter x 2.375" tall round votive candle holders using a heavy-duty and 1/8-inch thick clear glass material, each of this personalized clear glass candle favor gives you a simple-style clear glass votive candle holder that is durable, nicely weighted, with an eye-catching clarity that is accented by the colored print of your custom design, and with a thick base that safeguards your delicate tabletops and table accessories, like tablecloths and table runners, from the heat of a burning votive candle's melted wax. Stable and strong enough to withstand the heat of the flame and melted wax of a burning votive candle, these personalized clear glass votive holders are a dependable option for your wedding, special occasion, and decorating theme's long hours of candle lighting needs.

From Auspicious Favors to Enchanting Candle Gifts

Candles and special occasions are often each other's light and shadow and for your wedding and on special occasions, they can also go as auspicious favors to enchanting candle gifts for everyone in your guest and gift lists: In weddings, for example, candles are a central part of the wedding ceremony for they are the symbol of the couple's love and unity. In birthdays, they are the finishing touch to the celebration cake for they are the symbol of the celebrant's life. Red, yellow, orange, and green candles are auspicious for fame, money, and prosperity, thus lighting them regularly, as well as sharing them as gifts and favors on occasions, like the holidays and on your business anniversary, for more people to light is said to foster success towards a person or business' endeavors.

Giving candles on religious occasions, like Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter will also turn them into heart-warming candle gifts and favors, particularly when you finish them with a favor tag that says your wishes for their lucky recipient, for this way, they will both show your thoughtfulness and appear to light up with your good intentions and well wishes. And if you are into making unique candle crafts, these personalized clear glass candle favors are a brilliant choice for making unique candle gifts and favors that their recipient can use as personalized candle centerpiece. For a simple take, you can craft one of our slate coasters into colorful slate candle trays for your personalized clear glass candle favors and then wrap them as Zen candle gifts for your family and friends.

For these reasons and more, candles seem to be the ideal favors and gifts for just about any occasion. And talking about these clear glass personalized candle favors, they are not only small enough to be so quick and easy to hand to their recipients as personalized candle favors or gifts, they also boast elegant looks and are complemented with high-quality and long-burning votive candles, which burn cleanly, evenly, and without a smoke. As such, their lucky recipient can place them prominently on their desk or private space as a memento and as trusty votive candles that they can use for emergency lighting, ambient lighting, candle therapy, and more.

Your Go-to Choice for Many Candle Decorating Needs

These personalized clear glass candle favors are your go-to choice for many candle decorating needs. Being made of clear glass, they will look great together with just about any decorating accessory, i.e., flowers and other candle holder types, like candle lanterns, candelabra, and wrought iron candle holders, as well as complement the posh or laid-back vibe of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Often likened to crystals, these personalized clear glass votive holders can also serve as glistening accents to your sunny outdoor reception or you can mimic such sparkly effect in indoor spaces by placing them under a bright lighting source. For dusk-to-evening receptions, you can watch these personalized clear glass votive holders color your table centerpiece at dusk and light your softly-lit party-place at night with a flickering array of gold or orange lights that appear to be playing through their holders' clear glass walls.

And for you who breaths a minimalist decorating style, the simplicity and professional imprint of your wedding logo, party design, monogram, logo or artwork on these round personalized clear glass votive holders will tell you that they are the ideal clear glass candle holders to light and personalize your indoor or outdoor space and to jazz-up your wedding and special occasion's candle decorating theme or centerpiece in a non-underwhelming way.

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Great offers for these brilliant personalized clear glass votive holders do not come around so often, so don't miss the chance to shop, save, and impress your family, friends, and loved ones with personalized candle favors and candle decorations that will truly catch their heart and make your wedding and party both memorable and picture-perfect. Happy Shopping!