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16 oz. Personalized Mason Jar Mugs
These Personalized Mason Jar Mugs are the best for everything! They are plain fun for favors and for gifts. They are the perfect size for stuffing with your wedding and special occasions' sweets and little gifts. Jumbo-sized, your family, friends, and guests can truly indulge in their favorite warm-weather or cold-season foods and drinks with these as the mason food jars and mason jar drinking glasses. With that heart-catching old-school, country-style, and vintage charm, they are so right as the homey touch for your home, restaurant, and weekend gathering. They are great for your mason jar candles, too, as well as for organizing little things, like kitchen spices. So, steal the deal! Stock a lot of these 16 oz. handled mason jars personalized with the lasting print of your logo or design!

Personalized Mason Mugs, Jars, and Drinking Glasses

Give your home, restaurant, and special occasions an old, country flair and a more colorful, trendy, and entertaining ambiance – especially when kids and pets are around – with these personalized mason mugs.

Crafted as vintage-style jar-shaped glass drinking mugs with a sturdy handle that makes them easy to bring around in-between the fetes, these personalized mason mugs are well-loved as personalized mason jar drinking glasses for root beer and old-fashioned drinks, like lemonade, iced tea, and fruit cocktail, as personalized mason jars for edible favors, and party glasses for rustic-themed weddings and outdoor festivities that are filled with exciting activities.

Given their stylish versatility, personalized mason mugs are also excellent in adding a fancy boost to your decorating, gifting, and social entertaining needs: Fill them with spice to instantly turn them into decorative kitchen jars or mason spice jars; with a mix of dry ingredients, like cocoa powder, milk, mini chocolate kisses, sugar cubes, and candy cane marshmallows to make your souvenir mason jar mugs or hot chocolate gifts equally beautiful as party decorations; or, with sweet treats, like mixed nuts and home-baked cookies, that guests can enjoy after the party.

So let these personalized mason mugs and personalized mason jar drinking glasses treat your guests to the feeling of coming home on your anniversary and reunion parties or add a hip and laid-back feel to your wedding and special occasions. Also enjoy large discounts when you buy our personalized mason mugs wholesale or in bulk and to create your own personalized glassware party set by pairing them with our elegant selection of personalized coasters and other personalized glassware.