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Personalized Sake Cups and Sake Bottles

These Personalized Sake Cups and Personalized Sake Bottles will certainly appeal to your forever fun-loving and sake-loving family, friends, and guests. High-quality and made a stunning masterpiece by the lasting print or engraving of your logo or artwork, these personalized sake cups and personalized sake bottles will be an exceptional sight at their tables. These are perfect, most of all, for your restaurant, gatherings, and special occasions as drink ware for the Japanese rice wine or Sake, as promotional items, Asian gifts, Japanese gifts, Asian party favors, party favor holder, mini cups for tea or desserts, and many more! Choose the personalized sake cups or personalized sake bottles for you – even better, collect them in all styles to create your own personalized sake sets.

1.5 oz. Black Sake Cups

1.5 oz. Black Sake Cups

as low as : $2.60

1.5 oz. White Sake Cups

1.5 oz. White Sake Cups

as low as : $2.35

Let Them Experience the Blissful Goodness of Sake

The Japanese rice wine, or Sake, is much loved by many people around the world. And if you want your family, friends, and guests to experience its blissful goodness, then fine-serve their sake in these personalized sake cups and personalized sake bottles.

Sake is a traditional Japanese drink that is made from fermented rice. Just like its myriad and interesting varieties, sake has enjoyed a rich history in Japan stemming from its first creation in 300 B.C. when rice cultivation was introduced in Japan to its eminent use in weddings and Shinto religious ceremonies for over 2000 years now as offering to the gods and for purifying the shrine and its global popularity as special occasion drink and social drink that is meant to be shared and enjoyed with the people you love and look up to.

The quality, taste, and aroma of sake are unlike any other drink. Generally, the more the milled sake rice is, the clearer and delicate the consistency and the flavor, respectively, of Sake becomes. Pure sake contains as much as 14% to 20% alcohol per beverage volume, thus it is tad stronger than wine. For this reason, manufacturers usually bottle sake by diluting it in water. Not just perfect for sipping on its own, sake can also be enjoyed in almost the same way as wine – e.g., as aperitif, dessert wine, after-dinner wine, as end of the day drink, or together with foods either Japanese foods or otherwise, like fish, noodles, meat dishes, stews, and cheese.

In choosing a bottle of sake, experts recommend paying attention to the details that are stated on their label. Fresh sake is usually the best and starters can go for the gentle and delicate varieties of sake for easy drinking. If you like sake as aperitif, dessert wine, or as a drink to enjoy at the end of the day, you can go for the refreshing and fruity profile of Namazake. For rich and deep-flavored sake, there is also the stronger and rougher taste of matured sake, or Koshu, to satisfy your craving. Sake is usually drunk within a year it is bottled, thus aged sake, e.g., such as one which is aged for over a decade, is considered rare and prized as an extraordinary treat.

From Sake Ware to Asian Party Favors

So if you already got a sake, then bring it on the tables using these personalized sake bottles, called Tokkuri, and serve it warm or cold on these personalized sake cups. While great for warm or cold sake, the tokkuri is traditionally used to make hot sake, thus their narrowed neck, which helps to prevent the escape of heat. As for the cups, there are these types of sake cups that you can offer: the Ochoko or the 3 to 6 cm diameter small cylindrical cups, which usually broaden at the neck; the Guinomi, which is larger than the Ochoko; the Sakazuki or flat sake vessel, which is used in ceremonies; and the Masu, which is typically made of wood or lacquer and suggested for cold sake. Recently, sake professionals have also turned to wine glasses for enjoying light and subtle cold sake.

There is no way that your guests will not love these personalized sake bottles and personalized sake cups because they are made of the best materials, like bamboo and porcelain. Complementing these high-quality personalized sake bottles and personalized sake cups are the almost infinite designs that you can print or engrave on their front. And, not just limited as sake ware, these personalized sake cups and personalized sake bottles are also perfect as Asian gifts, Japanese gifts, promotional items for your business, and as Asian wedding or party favors. Of course, you can add them, too, to your business' designer-style sake cups or sake bottles for sale.

Easily create your design by selecting a GlassCoasterStore.com-exclusive clip art from our gallery to personalize in your choice of color and with up to three (3) lines of custom text. Or, upgrade for only $12 per order and have your logo or finished artwork as the custom design of your custom printed sake cups and custom printed sake bottles.

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Shop these personalized sake bottles and personalized sake cups wholesale or bulk, plus enjoy FREE shipping or get $5 shipping credit on select personalized sake bottles and personalized sake cup styles. If you have questions and inquiries, please tap our FAQ page for quick answers to your Frequently Asked Questions. Email us at Info@GlassCoasterStore.com, or call us at 610.438.0632 during business hours, that's Mondays to Fridays between 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M., EST. Shop away and take your time shopping here on our store for more genuine Asian tableware, which are all ready for you to personalize with your custom text or design.

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