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10.6" Serving and Plating Chopsticks

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Item #:SS27CC

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Product Size: Measures 10.6" long

Product Material: Made of beech wood

Processing Time: 17 business days (excludes transit time)

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Price: US $1.85

These 10.6" Serving and Plating Chopsticks are your best bet for cooking, serving, and plating Asian and Oriental cuisines in their true form for they are not only the trusted choice for such, they also have their perfect length, nice weight, and pointed tip that make the job a lot easier. Made of beech wood, which is a hardwood, these cooking, serving, and plating chopsticks are hard-wearing. They have very fine pores – a must for extra-hygienic measures because such help to prevent moisture and the growth and proliferation of bacteria. They are perfect for your home and commercial kitchen. And, they flaunt just the beautiful color and the classy look of the grains of beech wood making them great for casual and special occasion table settings. Stock these 10.6" serving and plating chopsticks because you will never go wrong having these for your kitchen, restaurant, and food-service business. Have these for your brand's promotional chopsticks, barbecue or hotpot chopsticks, or cooking chopsticks for sale. Or, delight your family, friends, or gift recipients with these for your chopsticks gifts and wedding or party favors. Features:

  • These 10.6" Serving and Plating Chopsticks are sold per pair
  • Buy only what you need from a minimum order of 100 pairs
  • Each cooking chopstick measures 27 cm (10.6") long. Made of solid wood
  • With hand-carved textured design. Weighs approx. 0.08 lbs.
  • Hand-wash only to clean. Do not soak in water. For home and restaurant use
  • Custom logo engraving is available upon request. Please message us

These Serving and Plating Chopsticks are imported from China
Order Processing Time: 17 Business Days (Excludes Shipping Time)

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