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13" or 14" Flat Square Beech Wood Cooking Chopsticks

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Product Size: Measures 13" or 14" long

Product Material: Made of Beech Wood

Processing Time: 17 business days (excludes transit time)

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Price: US $2.00

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These Flat Square Beech Wood Cooking Chopsticks just have the color and the naturally beautiful finish of beech wood to flaunt. So, they are really your best bet for when you want to bring the warmth of wood and the functionality of the perfect cooking chopsticks in your kitchen and food preparation area. At 13" and 14" long, these wooden cooking chopsticks are the best size for a wide range of cooking needs. In fact, they are the perfect fit for stir-frying on a wok, for grilling, and even for frying, deep-frying, and for Asian tabletop cooking, like Korean, Japanese, or Chinese hot pot and barbecue. Made of beech wood, these wooden cooking chopsticks pride the same material that is used for a wide range of premium and high-quality kitchen utensils. Beech wood, as a hardwood, resists heat and water quite well, which is why these cooking chopsticks ought to be your #1 choice for durability, longevity, and for extra-hygienic purposes. So, stock these flat square beech wood cooking chopsticks for your kitchen, restaurant, and food-service business. Have these as the premium wooden chopsticks offering of your brand. And, further enthuse your family, friends, and guests to cook their favorite Asian and Oriental cuisines by having these for your chopsticks gifts and wedding or party favors. Features:

  • These Square Beech Wood Cooking Chopsticks are sold per pair
  • Buy only what you need from a minimum order of 100 pairs
  • Choose from 2 lengths of cooking chopsticks, that's 13" (33 cm) long or 14" (36 cm) long
  • Made of beech wood. Hand-wash only to clean. Store in a cool and dry place
  • Custom logo engraving is available (Additional charge applies). Please message us

These Square Beech Wood Cooking Chopsticks are imported from China
Order Processing Time: 15 Business Days (Excludes Shipping Time)

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