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33 Inch Large Paper Parasol Umbrellas

Product Information

Item #:DD1782

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Product Size: Measures 33" diameter x 21.65" long

Product Material: Made of paper, bamboo, wood

Processing Time: 7-12 business days (excludes transit time)

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  • 33 Inch Large Paper Parasol Umbrellas
  • 33 Inch Large Paper Parasol Umbrellas
  • 33 Inch Large Paper Parasol Umbrellas
  • 33 Inch Large Paper Parasol Umbrellas
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Price: US $6.75


These Paper Parasol Umbrellas are eye-catching and the perfect way to level-up your sunny day look, wedding or party outfit, Chinese cheongsam, Japanese kimono, and other Asian ensembles. Fine-crafted in the centuries-old design of the Chinese or Japanese umbrellas, these paper parasols will enthrall you with their beauty and unique design being made of paper, bamboo, and wood. Fashionable and functional, they also complement or complete your outfit and are ready to shelter you from the heat of the sun. So, invest in these paper parasols, especially for your wedding, bridal, and bridesmaids umbrella. Have these as the umbrella party favors of your wedding, birthday, and other special occasions. And, even see these brighten-up your wedding, party venue, and decorating space by having these for your hanging umbrella decorations. Features:

  • These Large Paper Parasol Umbrellas are sold individually
  • Each measures 33" (84 cm) diameter x 21.65" (55 cm) height including the handle
  • Made of paper and bamboo. Handle is made of wood. Weighs 0.80 lb.
  • For indoor and dry outdoor use. Do not allow your paper parasol to get wet
  • Buy only what you need from a minimum order of 50 pieces
  • Please choose from 8 colors of paper parasol umbrellas
  • Or, select 'Assorted' for a mix of the different colors available. Please message us or indicate your choice of colors and the number of pieces that you need for each color in the Comments section during check-out.
  • Custom logo printing is also available (Additional charge applies). For a price quotation, please message us with your logo or finished artwork, your choice of paper parasol color, and the number of pieces of personalized paper parasols that you need. Once we receive your image, we will contact you.
  • Other sizes of paper parasols are also available. Please message us.

These Paper Parasol Umbrellas are imported from China
Processing Time: 7-12 Business Days (Excludes Shipping Time)

These paper parasols wholesale or bulk are custom-made to your order. Refunds and exchanges are not available for this item.

Our paper parasol umbrellas are packaged as carefully as possible. Although we can provide a refund for paper parasols, which have been damaged during shipping, we can not replace any paper parasol umbrella that has been broken or damaged during shipping. Please be sure to order additional pieces to cover extra guests or to provide for the probability of breakage or damage.

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